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After finishing my 2 years of mandatory military and done with the Singapore education system, I managed to convince my Asian mum to let me go to the US to get a business school degree instead of going into medical school and becoming a doctor. She agreed after realizing investment bankers earn more than doctors. Thanks to my brother-in-law.

So with my acceptance into NYU, I happily flew out of Singapore alone and arrived in New York City in 2008 Fall. And since then, it has been a whirlwind. My life has never been so exciting, meeting new people and discovering new things about the world. And then i found the food network and friends who love the food network. My passion for food as a Singapore grew to an obsession here in the US. With so many amazing chefs calling NYC their home, I started on a mission to find the best restaurants in the city. But thats not my aspiration. I hope to open a restaurant some day, become a food critic and have my own food and travel show. Oh my dream. And this is where I’m starting. Writing it here for all of you to enjoy.

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