Singapore: Best Places to Eat No.1

In SIngapore, we are known for three things. Our “dictator” Lee Kuan Yew. The strict laws that permit our cops to go around with canes to whip people. (Just kidding…) And our Hawker Centers.

The great thing about our Hawker Center is that you can find a variety of great food all in one location. And the best one I know of currently with the most number of delicious food concentrated in one small area is Tiong Bahru.

Tiong Bahru Market has two floors. The bottom is a wet market where you can see how traditional Singaporeans shop for groceries. We don’t walk into a walmart and get our meats. We go to the market where everything is fresh. The top floor is lined with stores that are preparing some of the best foods in the world.

Try a little bit of everything. My personal favorites in the market is the chee kueh (in the featured photo), the wanton mee, the economy beehoon, and the kueh chap.

But my favorite place is not at the market but at a congee store down the road, Ah Chiang’s porridge. This congee place is to die for. I dream about it every morning. It is that good. The texture is just right. The flavors are strong but not over-powering. Order a plate of raw fish that is soaked in sesame oil and chilis and you got yourself the perfect breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or supper.


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