Argentina: Pastries N Steak

And of course, how can I not talk about the food here. When one thinks of Argentina, one also thinks of steak. And maybe the song “Don’t cry for me, Argentina.” The beef here is supposedly some of the best in the world, due to the grass-fed cows, as compared to the grain-fed ones that we usually have. Grains that create ulcers in the stomach of cows. But I am not here to encourage people to watch food inc. and turn vegan. Seriously, what is the point of living if you can’t enjoy it? It’s better to die early and live happy, than to die late and never lived before.

So what was my diet like in Argentina on Day One?

Random pastries from a local bakery in San Telmo. A bunch of small alfojors, croissants and cookies. My first “meal” in Argentina. Why I didn’t have steak? Because I couldn’t find the damn restaurant I wanted to go to, and because it was getting so late (around 3+), I figured I would eat pastry and have a good dinner. Obviously that plan backfired, because I was starving again by 7 and guess what, the restaurant I went to only opens at 8! EIGHT! OCHO! WTH?? As I sat at the lobby for about half an hour, waiting to be seated, a couple from Denver came in, asking me why we were not being seated. I told them I think the restaurant only opens at 8. It was 8:15. I shrugged and we went on to talk about why on earth do people here eat so late. We had some salad and I ordered the famous asado which is grilled beef short ribs. Absolutely delicious. The seasoning was spot on. Almost as good as Peter Luger, except a fraction of the price. The only problem we had with this meal was that even though we order our meat medium rare, it came almost well done. We decided to return it to the kitchen, and were given rare in return. The couple was happy. I was happy too because mine was more medium than rare, so phew. And of course we paired it with a great bottle of Malbec, which we happily sipped through the night. About an hour or so later, as we paid the check, we noticed people streaming into the restaurant. It was getting packed. All this was happening past 10pm.

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