Almost perfect. Those were the words that went through my head as I shared a bunch of tapas with my friends and sipped on my delicious wine.

Aria was introduced to me by my friend Gillian. It is a wine bar located in the west village, not too far from the Christopher Street station. Everything about it was great. The energy in the place. The cosiness of it. The decor. The food. The wine. Only two things gave me problems.

1) No wine glasses – How can a wine bar not have wine glasses… that is just wrong.

2) The loud club music – Yes I see the angle you are trying to take by making a wine bar a hip place for young people, but I really just want to talk with the people around me in a wine bar. That is why I go to a wine bar. The music made it impossible for me to hear what my friend was saying, even though she was just sitting across me at the table.

But with that though, it was still a great place to hang out. With enough booze flowing through my blood, I can tolerate the loud music and have a good night as I feast on the delicious tapas. The great thing about this place is that the food is really well prepared and served in a way that is great for sharing. Some notable dishes are the grilled octopus salad (a little too salty, but extremely flavorful), the crabcakes, the meatballs, the lobster risotto and the lamb chops. Give the pastas a miss. They are not that great. The lighting was terrible to get any photos so this instagram photo was the best one I could find that will entice you to check the place out.

Lamb Chops

To top it off, the price was not too bad. Each plate was around $10, most of them less. We also got a bottle of Malbec for less than $40 I think which is a pretty good deal at such a great place. I found out that many people like to have their blind/okcupid dates here. I will definitely recommend this place to young people looking to have a good time at dinner. The sharing of the food and the good wine, coupled with the affordable price, make this place ideal for recent graduates like myself and my friends.

4.5 Stars. Almost perfect.

Aria Wine Bar
117 Perry St, New York 10014
(Btwn Greenwich & Hudson St)
Phone: (212) 242-4233

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