Argentina: I Heart Buenos Aires

As I sat down at a restaurant in Palermo Viejo, sipping amazing malbec and eating my juicy tenderloin, I took some time to reflect upon Buenos Aires. I have been here for less than 48 hours, yet I can see why there is much to love about this city.

The first thing that I surprisingly love about Buenos Aires is its art. I don’t think I have ever seen local art and fell in love with it immediately. As I walked around La Boca on Calminito, I was in awe of the colors, the strokes, the technique, the imagination, the inspiration. I couldn’t help but look at the paintings, and see Buenos Aires through the eyes of the local painters and photographers. And it’s gorgeous. Such beauty. Such feelings captured in still images.

I wish I could buy a bunch of painting and photos and put them around my room. Maybe I will fedex it back or something… It’s surprising how an anti poetry person like me got converted after watching dead poets society, and how the small little hint of artsy blood in my veins began to rage through my body as I immerse myself in Argentinian culture.

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