New Orleans: Bakery on Magazine Street

Being a New Yorker, i always assume that stores are open till 9pm. In fact, the evening is the time to explore the shopping district. So at 5, i set off to New Orlean’s Garden District to check out magazine street which is suppose to be lined with interesting stores and great bars and cafes. So i got there at 5pm on a sunday to realize EVERYTHING was closed. The only places that were open were cafes… so i was walking down magazine street looking through the windows of closed stores. I gave up after two blocks and decided to go into a cafe to get some hot chocolate because it was FREEZING.

So i randomly walked into Sucre and it was gorgeous. Everything was so pretty… It was like walking into bakerz inn from Singapore, except they sold gelato, cakes and chocolates! Basically they sold everything that has to do with the word SIN.

Only planning to get a hot chocolate, i ended up getting one of the royal cake because it was sooo pretty. How could i say no to something that is glittering under the light. It was dark chocolate and raspberry cake and it was gooood. Rich and yummy. Not the best chocolate cake i’ve had but it was definitely the prettiest one i have seen.

King’s Cake

The king cake caught my attention too. Usually a king cake is like a swirl of colored frosting. Kinda look like someone puke paint all over it. But this one was elegant. It was gorgeous. It was really fit for a king. Oh King Cake is a Mardi Gras thing. During Mardi Gras, King Cake become in season. People from New Orleans bring a king cake to a party. In the king cake is a small baby figure. Whoever gets the slice with the baby will get good luck and have to bring a king cake for the next party. If you ask me, that is some dumb luck having to buy a king cake for the next party. But oh well. Its their custom. 😛

The hot chocolate was real good too. It was a good tea break. I yelped the place after i sat down to realize it was actually pretty highly rated. Not a surprise to me. Everything was really pretty and the service was beyond amazing. Not only did the server tell me everything i need to know about magazine street, she brought my dishes to me and occasionally asked me about what i needed. Perfect service.

I highly approve of this place and is definitely a great stop as you walk down magazine street in New Orleans.

3025 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 520-8311

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