Buenos Aires. Finally.

I’m here!!! Yay!!!

First I want to talk about how I love to eat at airports. Isn’t that weird? I actually find pleasure eating generic foods at airport. Like mcdonalds and panda express. Nothing is more satisfying/disgusting than a nice plate of fried rice with orange chicken while you wait your flight to depart. Yum…

And then I want to talk about old people. Old people are so cute! This couple was waiting in line for the security check. Apparently their flight departs at 3:30. What time is it now? Its 3:30. They were so cute… looking all confused. And then there were just so many old people looking so confused and lost in the airport after their flights got delayed/cancelled/moved to another gate. It was a funny sight.

And finally, I want to talk about babies and kids. I seriously think there should be a new airlines that forbids kids under the age of 12 from boarding. I would seriously pay a small premium if it means I wont be annoyed by crying babies and high pitched kids making stupid comments as I am trying to sleep.

I love airports and planes!

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