Argentina: First thoughts on Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an interesting city. In a good way. Different. Special. Unique.

Before I get into that, perhaps I should start by saying how lost I feel right now in this city. For the first time in my life, I have entered a country that speaks a language that I do not know, without a guide. It’s terrible! Thank God spanish is not too hard in terms of speaking from a phrasebook, so I still can order food and take the taxi, although I have been paying the wrong amount every time. Seriously! 33 sounds like 36! Anyway, I seriously need to pick up spanish asap.

However, this city is treating me well. The first 3 people I met and had the pleasure of having a conversation with are from France, Italy and Australia. What do you know? The very 3 countries I plan to live in for some time before I lose my freedom, aka settle down/get married and so on and so forth. (The idea of “partner without marriage” is sounding more intriguing everyday…)

After a day of walking around the city centre, taking pictures, eating pastries and drinking coffee, I settled on a restaurant quite some distance away for dinner. I got there at 755pm. Guess what. They are not opened yet. Ok… that’s weird… they told me to wait at the couches. Sure. I can work up an appetite as I read the history of Buenos Aires on my Time Out guide. And then this couple walked in. A white guy with an asian girl. OMG SECOND ASIAN I SAW TODAY! And I was keeping my eyes OPEN. Seriously. Where are the asians in Buenos Aires!?

Asian girl looked at me and went “Hey do you speak english?” I replied “Like the only language I can speak. Hi there!” We laughed and she asked “any idea why we aren’t getting seated?” I explained to them they are not opened yet, and then we went into a conversation about how on earth is a restaurant not opened at 8pm. What time do these argentinians eat?!

We soon found out. Around 10pm, huge groups of people started showing up and the restaurant which was empty when i got there was now PACKED. Seriously? Dinner at 10pm. That’s new. That’s a life my best friend would approve of. I have travelled far and wide, and this is the first. Dinner at 10pm. Don’t these people have work the next morning?!

This is seriously a mystery. How do these people work, eat, drink, party, not sleep and still look so amazing every day? There must be a secret. And I am going to find out what it is… But first… while everyone in my hostel is partying up at the lobby, im going to sleep… I starting to think I checked into a club with beds… And i think i just promised my room mate I will party with her through the night tomorrow. To be honest, I am a little scared of what is going to happen to me here. I got a feeling Titi’s “hot mess” prediction might come true. Oh Buenos Aires. What do you have install for me?

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