The windy city. Oprah’s head quarters in her quest for world domination. Land of the stubborn people who refuse to give in to New York’s classic slice of pizza.

I have been wanting to visit this city for the longest time. I’ve talked about it for a year. And finally I am here. For no great reason to be honest. Just for a vacation, away from New York City.

So as I read Anthony Bourdain’s “Medium Raw”, I am reminded of how much I love to write about my experiences in travel and food. I envy him. I wish I had his job. I wish one day, I am able to say the same thing he says in the opening credits of “No Reservations”. I write. I eat. I travel.

I guess to a certain extent, I am living the life. Just not getting paid while doing it. 😛

Walking down the streets of Chicago, I see what people constantly rave about the city. It’s a really nice city. I hate comparing. But it really does look like a cleaner version of New York. The streets are wider and cleaner. There are less black gum stains on the pavement. It doesn’t help that i walked passed a jamba juice, an apple store, and even a sushi samba in my 5 minute walk to tell me how similar chicago and new york city is.

The train system here is called the CTA and is as unreliable as the MTA, or so I’ve heard. One thing is for sure. The CTA trump the MTA in terms of loudness. As the train went through a tunnel, I swear the roar was soooo loud, i feel my ear wax in my ear vibrating and my ear drums hurting like crazy. And I thought new yorkers had a high tolerance for noise with our crazy traffic and sirens everywhere.

So what am i going to do for the next 5 days? More food. More cooking. A little sight seeing. A little work. Catching up with friends. Just living the life.

Ok my deep dish pizza is taking an awfully long time to get done. I’m starving… the only thing I have had all day is an egg and cheese sandwich from a deli, and the bread was moldy! (Something titi would not approve of) I am seriously going to pass out soon.

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