NYC: Christmas with Chris Botti

Red wine. Dark Chocolate. Roast Chicken. Snow. Ice Skating. Hot Chocolate. Presents. Cards. Santa. Love Actually. The ingredients that make the perfect Christmas. Ok fine. And Baby Jesus.

The cherry on top though, is spending Christmas listening to Chris Botti and his friends. Every year, during the christmas holidays all the way till new year, Chris Botti, probably the most amazing trumpet player in the history of mankind, spends his nights at Blue Note Jazz Club New York City, with his pool of highly talented friends, namely Lisa Fisher who sang with the Rolling stones and Aurica Duca, the most enchanting violinist I have ever heard. Just imagine a stage oozing with raw talent. No autotuning. Just raw great music that touches your heart and soul. A night with Chris Botti is truly an experience.

So as I sip my beer and munch on my fried calamari, I allow my soul to be immersed in the god given gift of music, the purest, most amazing form. Jaw dropped. Mouth wide opened. Goosebumps all over. With not a worry in the world. For this world may be flawed and disintegrating, but beauty lies in the expression of emotions in chaos.

Chris Botti is an american trumpeter and composer. You can find him playing in Blue Note Jazz Club located in Greenwich Village, NYC (131 W 3rd Street) every christmas holidays till New Year.

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