Chicago: Swedish Breakfast

Did I mention how loud Chicago is? The CTA trains are so ridiculously loud, I feel like my ears have been permanently damaged further (from New York’s MTA subways) just from being here for a week. Not to mention the parking garage sirens. Those things are freaking obnoxious. Even more obnoxious than our fire truck. Those things have scared the life out of me at least 3 times, suddenly going off as I’m walking along the sidewalks.

Another thing I realized about Chicago is that their meal portions are bigger, and higher in calories. And a perfect example is at Ann Sather’s. Famous for their cinnamon rolls, which happens to be one of my favorite things in the world, I knew I had to check this breakfast place out. After all, they serve Scandinavian style meals. Kinda like Ikea, just one of my favorite places in the world.

 And of course being all touristy, I ordered the Swedish tasting menu – potato pancakes, Swedish meatball, potato sausage, eggs, 2 cinnamon rolls and hash brown. After I ordered, I swear all I did was blink, and the 2 cinnamon buns appeared in front of me like magic. That was how amazing fast the service was. And you would think it would come cold and stale. Far from it.

The cinnamon rolls

 Those two delicate cinnamon rolls sat on a white plate, full of sugary glory. Just looking at the warm white icing oozing down the sides of the buns gave me a boner. I went for it with my hands, wanting to get the icing all over my fingers so that I can lick it. I tore the outer layer. Steam puffed out, filling my lungs with the warn sweet aroma of cinnamon, my favorite spice in the world. I stuffed in into my mouth, and sat back to enjoy the full glory of what has to be one of the best cinnamon buns in the world. Nothing fancy. Just a fresh cinnamon roll, but oh so good. This one puts the fame Levain Bakery to shame.

 I would talk about the rest of the breakfast in detail, but everything paled in comparison. The potato sausage was interesting. Did taste like potato and sausage. The meatball was very beefy. The potato pancakes were surprisingly good. It had a great texture with the right amount of sweetness, and was divine with or without the lingonberry jam.

 One thing is for sure, there was way too much food. I stopped eating to take a break when I started feeling my stomach stretching. I looked at my plate, and it looked the same as when I first got it. There was still a heap of food on my plate. But I knew I had to finish it. I wanted to pride myself like how fat boy from “Man vs Food” finishes those crazy amount of food in every episode. So I ate. Then I took a break by reading Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain (which is a fantastic, witty, hilarious book – highly recommended for people who love food). And then I ate again. And after about an hour and a half, I finished my plate. VICTORY.

 I then celebrated my victory at argo’s tea (which btw is EVERYWHERE in Chicago) with a ginger ice tea. I sat there for two hours, because I couldn’t walk two blocks without feeling the need to hurl everything out.

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