New Orleans: First Thoughts

Let me bring you guys around French Quarter through these pictures. I know it is very unusual of me to not start with the food first, but i thought i have to respect New Orleans for all its amazing history and architecture. Yes, I am actually respectful to these things and not as shallow as most people think I am. 😛

The first thing i did in New Orleans is to join the history tour around the French Quarter. Ok i lie. The first thing i did was head to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets and cafe au lait (the fancy name for their coffee). Cafe Du Monde is probably the most popular cafe in New Orleans. As i was walking around the french quarter, i had a feeling it was the ONLY cafe. Seriously! Where is my starbucks every other block?! I mean i havent had a single cup of starbucks for the last 6 months since i had a coffee from the first ever Starbucks in Seattle. Still! I need to know i can get coffee and snack from Starbucks if i want to, which i was desperate for because i was going on a cocktail tour!

Oh wait i failed to mention that part too… I did not know it was a history tour… I thought it was a cocktail tour which in my mind was bar hopping and trying all the special cocktails they have. Which is why i needed to get some food because i was starving and did not want to get drunk after the first bar. (Stupid asian gene for getting drunk so fast…) Hence, Cafe Du Monte. The nearest place when i typed “cafe” into Yelp on my iPhone. Have i talked about Cafe Du Monte yet? Think i will write that some other time. Spoiler: JUST THE BEST DONUTS I EVER HAD! But thats for another time.

So the tour was interesting, although i felt cheated because we had to buy our own drinks. Sigh… And there was so much history talk but for such a cute city, you have to understand the history to fully understand it.

So apparently New Orleans was ruled by the French, then later the spanish, then again the french, then finally the americans. Ok wait… im not too sure but basically New Orleans has french, spanish and american influence which is just amazing. The architecture is all so pretty. The buildings look exactly like those in disneyland. And in the french quarter, its just bars and restaurants one after another. Kinda like my dreamland. Just bars and restaurants. And they all look awesome and different, having their own character, and apparently all serve amazing food.

This is something that intrigues me. Every local I ask here for the best place to eat, or the best jambalaya or gumbo or whatever, i will never get a place. The reply always is “EVERYTHING is good. EVERY restaurant is good.” Im like “No. Every restaurant can’t be good.” and they will always reply “Yes. It is. Every single one of them.”

Can this be true?! Every restaurant is good?! New Orleans sounds more and more like my dreamland. Bars and restaurants one after another?! And every one of them is good?! And did i mention you can get drinks to go in plastic cups on the streets of New Orleans?! Say what?! But yeah look through the pictures and enjoy New Orleans with me. Will add more entries about food soon!

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