Dinner at Mothers

Friday night was the last night for the volunteers from George Mason, and we wanted to go out for dinner. Caely, the coolest of all the volunteers (she is non-george mason) text a friend who lives in New Orleans to ask where we could go that could fit all 10+ of us.

This is how it went. Im making most of this up bcos i only heard about the punch line.
Caely: Do you know any restaurant that can fit a lot of people?
Ben: What kind of food?
Caely: New Orleans. Creole?
Ben: Budget?
Caely: As cheap as possible.
Ben: How many?
Caely: About 14.
Ben: Mothers?
Caely: What are you talking about… why do you need to know whether there are mothers in the group?
Ben: I mean the restaurant Mother’s… Im recommending that.
Caely: Oh….

Ok for some weird reason, typing it out did not sound as funny as when Caely told us about it… Perhaps because its the way she always starts her stories. Caely is a senior from Uconn. University of Connecticut. The first time i met her, she introduced herself by saying “Hi Im Caely and Im from Uconn”. I never told her this but i swear i heard her say “Ucunt” and i was like WTH why would you call a school that?! Thats terrible! She has to be the most awesome RA in the world, which is weird because she looks like my freshmen RA, except she is a lot cooler with her drinking and smoking habits. 😛

Now where was I? So as usual when we are in a group of more than 3, people constantly question the choice of place. Is it too expensive? Is it far? Can we go somewhere else? O M G. This is why i like travelling alone. No need to please anyone but MYSELF. So anyway, because most of them didnt know how to understand the map since they all drive and have a GPS to tell them where to turn, I basically took the lead and started walking there without any concern about people’s opinions.


After walking in the freaking cold for like 10 blocks, we arrived at Mother’s. Mother’s is not really a restaurant. Its more a cafeteria. So we lined up and got our food and found ourselves a table. So i have been wanting to try some fried seafood Po’Boy. Oh where is my manners… Po’Boy is basically a New Orleans sandwich. Some french bread they use. So i got the fried shrimp poboy because it was one of the only thing on yelp that had good reviews. Was it good? Yeah it was good. Not mindblowing, but the shrimp were well fried. Nice medium size. Pretty juicy. Great cocktail sauce with the bread. Wished they put more. But it was still good. I finished the entire sandwich and was sooo full.

Fried Shrimp Po’Boy

And then the next day when i was at the New Orleans School of Cooking, the chef teacher was asking what restaurants we have been to and someone shouted out Mothers! And he went on to talk about how they were famous for their debris po’boy which is made from the roast beef that drop while shaving that are basically drench in gravy. He was like its world famous and taste amazing and will clot your arteries almost instantly. I was like WHAT?! WHY DID I NOT HEAR OF THIS?! So i had to go back to try it. After all, it was recommended by a chef who made an amazing Jambalaya… thats the next entry btw. I need to space them out to keep up with my ‘one entry a day’ new year resolution which has been working out!

Debris Po’Boy

How was the debris sandwich? I remember the first time i had roast beef sandwich. It was from subway. The concept sounded amazing. After all, i loved cheese steak from subway. Roast beef? Bring it on! So i took my first bite and i remember thinking to myself “omg roast beef taste terrible!” I had to force myself to finish the sandwich since it was so freaking expensive, but i did not enjoy it at all. Since then, the term “roast beef” has never been able to tantalize me despite sounding like a great concept. I mean roast chicken is good. Roast pork is good, especially the chinese one. You would expect roast beef to be good, but it wasn’t for this case.

But the debris is a whole different story. Its roast beef that has dropped into the gravy pan in the shaving process. Its meat that has sucked in all the juices and grease that fell during the cooking process. How awesome is that! With pickles, it made a perfect sandwich. The roast beef was tender and delicious. It was packed with flavor and the yummy goodness of cows. haha. This is why i can never become a vegetarian or a vegan. No i can’t.

And i took a picture with the rest of the volunteers! Finally a picture with all of us. We had fun. Mother’s is great for its service despite not needing to tip, and the food is pretty good. One of the volunteers said that some soup thing was amazing, but she is vegetarian so i don’t trust her. But from what i’ve heard, they have pretty decent food. Definitely try the debris poboy. 😀 You might die earlier but at least you die happier!

Lowernine Volunteers
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