New Orleans: Emeril’s NOLA

Going to celebrity restaurants is a hobby of mine. Ever since i went to Mario Batali’s restaurant in Los Angeles, i have been obsessed about trying these chefs’ restaurant. So of cos i had to check out Mario Batali’s restaurant in New York, which is Lupa and it was goooood. Then i saw Mario Batali work with Emeril Lagasee on the special episode of Iron Chef, and i knew i had to check out his restaurant. After all, he is famous for his creole food so i knew i had to check his restaurant out when i was in New Orleans.

Located in the french quarter, NOLA was not hard to find. I initially planned to go to Emeril’s, but it was kinda out of the way and hard to get, so i chose to go to NOLA instead since it was located in the french quarter. After going through Yelp, i knew what i was going to order, although i pretended (as usual) to go through the menu for a few minutes. 😛

Appetizer: Crabcake in Krystal Butter Sauce. One word. Yum. The crabcake was exceptionally good, but the sauce took the cake. It was spicy and soury and sweet. Spicy and soury from the hot sauce, and sweet from the corn. Blended in butter, the sauce was to die for. May be a little too spicy for most people, but it was absolutely perfect for me.

Crabcake in Krystal Butter Sauce

And then the main dish came. The garlic crusted drum. Best fish dish i ever had… everything about it was perfect. The flavor of the fish. Cooked perfectly. The yummy vegetables on the side. Cooked perfectly. I know a fish is well cooked when i don’t require a sauce to add on it. I usually add this yummy garlic chilli sauce to my fish dish, but i did not require it at all. Oh and it came with a lemon wrapped in a bag! genius idea to prevent seeds from getting into the food.

Garlic Crusted Drum

Do realize that NOLA passed a huge test in my book. You know how food taste better when you are hungry. Even food that don’t taste that good. When i went to NOLA, i went in full. Yes you heard me right. I choice to ate at NOLA even though i was full… I tried getting myself hungry but after walking 4 hours randomly around the cold in New Orleans, i was still unable to work out an appetite which really pissed me off. And i was like screw it. Im going to eat at Emeril’s restaurant even though i wasn’t hungry because i really wanted to try his restaurant, and i knew there wouldn’t be much time after that. So i did. I walk in to the restaurant full. 😛

Such is life for a food critic. Or a food lover. You eat even though you aren’t hungry because you want to and you have to. And im glad i did that. Sure it was an expensive unnecessary meal, but it was a good meal and i can say i have eaten at one of Emeril’s restaurant before. Next celebrity chef – Alex Guarnaschelli @ butter. Cant wait!

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