New Orleans: Cafe Du Monde

I have been teasing about this review for a long time. Cafe Du Monde is one of the most popular places in New Orleans. Every time some tv show does a feature on New Orleans, they will always go to Cafe Du Monde. I vividly remember Harry Connick Jr sipping on his coffee and biting into the squarish donuts that were covered with powdered sugar. I told myself, i need to get myself some of those donuts, which are apparently called beignets.

And then last Sunday, on the Iron Chef Special which featured *using that strong commercial strong voice* IRON CHEF MARIO BATALI! SUPER CHEF EMERIL LAGASEE! Versus IRON CHEF BOBBY FLAY! WHITE HOUSE EXECUTIVE CHEF CRISTETA COMERFORD! This episode was soooo awesome. The atmosphere was soooo exciting watching 4 amazing chefs trying to whip up an amazing meal in an hour and EVERYTHING looked soooooo good. Especially Mario Batali’s sweet potato ravioli. I swear i was experiencing orgasm just from looking and thinking about it. Probably because i recently had a buttersquash ravioli at Batali’s restaurant and its soooo good.

Now where was I? Anyway Emeril made this beignet thing on that cook off and it looked so good because he prepared it the traditional style. I am sooo getting myself one of those traditional way of eating beignet. But yeah i had the beignet at the famous Cafe Du Monde and it was amazing… like to the point i could eat there EVERYDAY. The coffee was strong and yummy. The beignet were fluffy and not oily. The powdered sugar was soooo good, especially since they put a whole bunch of it on top of it and it looks sooooo good and yummy. Best tea break snack in the world.

Cafe Du Monde

Apparently they are open throughout the year 24 hours except on Christmas. It is always crowded with people, despite only selling drinks and beignets. Thats all they offer! How crazy is that??? But they continue to stay in business and is taste as good as ever. I am so tempted to get a box of their mix although i know i will probably screw it up. Sighz…. I tried making once before and it turned out flat and boring. PASTRY! Not my forte…. Sighz…. have to learn from Julia. Keep trying!!!

Everyone definitely need to pay New Orleans a visit and try the yummy food here. Alright i got to get back to work. Apparently i got a bunch of kids in trouble for bringing them out into the city and not stick with their volunteer program. I quote “We are here to volunteer and not play.” Thats what the leader told me when we got back. I was woah…. Uncalled for hostility…. Anyway back to work! Im fixing a porch for this guy who is a cook at hard rock cafe. And he is loving it! 😀 WORK WORK!

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