I just realized i didn’t blog much about Houston. I did spend 4 days there. I mean yeah there really isn’t much in Houston so nothing much i can blog about but there was definitely good food there.

The reason why I’m blogging about Houston is because Titi desperately wants to be mentioned on this blog as she stalks me so i will try to make this entire entry about her.

So where should i start? Let’s start with the moment i got out of the airport. I met Andrea, Titi’s best friend. I hope Esther isn’t offended by that. (Esther wants everybody for herself. David Jiang. Craig. Me!) They start introducing me to Houston, telling me how its all about suburbia and relaxing. Before you know it, we were lost. Andrea’s GPS started to malfunction and we didn’t want to trust it. I took out my GPS but it took forever to start up, probably not used to the non-california weather after only operating on the west coast its whole life(which is like a month) So after a few screechy sudden halts and turning into wrong lanes, putting my life in danger, we finally got to the Tex Mex Restaurant for lunch. I was then treated to an amazing Tex Mex meal where i found out why Houston is one of the fattest city in the world. THEIR PORTIONS! HUGE! I had two plates when i made one order! But it was awesome and i finished almost everything i think. Sigh…

We got home safely and the rest of my trip went well. One of the most memorable things we did was NASA! Sure there was nothing much, but i felt like a kid all over again, seeing all the space ships and feeling like a space geek, imagining how the world would be like if Starwars is true, and that i was a Jedi Master swinging my lightsaber around. How sweet is that! Titi and her dad was nice to bring me there and go around with me. Nicest people in the world.

Titi and her father with me at NASA

Her dad then drove us to the city center area. I was a little excited because i get to see the famous Enron building! And then i imagined what it would be like to be filthy rich making money out of nothing at Enron… Oh the life. But we didn’t really get to stop so that dream quickly faded away as we walked into one of the biggest malls in the world, Galleria.

Oh the South. I quickly realized after New Orleans and Houston how boring the South is in terms of places to see and play. However, the South definitely has good food. I don’t think i was ever disappointed by anything i had in the South. Everything was good there. I guess people in the south really know how to make food taste amazing. Probably with all the extra butter. But oh well, we all have to die one day, let’s at least die happy.

So all that happened a week ago. Update for today. Still not caring about On Campus Recruitment for Summer internship. Shall just be jobless. 😀 However, i did make some progress in life. Not measurable now but definitely in the future. Gonna hang out with the Singaporeans tonight. Gonna be awesome eating Asian food and getting drunk after that! Can’t wait to see the guys i havent seen for like AGES.

And on top of that, a friend of mine, Glenn is visiting me tomorrow all the way from Singapore for a week. Time to visit interesting places in NYC again! and more restaurants!

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