Singapore: Best Places to Eat No.3

I live on the East Coast around the Katong area. Lived there all 20 years of my life. Except for my first year where i lived at bedok i think but I dont remember anything from back then. So for 19 years, I have been living in one of the best food locations in Singapore. Katong. And thats where number 3 is! The katong region has much to offer in terms of food and is the best place for a food tour.

First up, Katong Laksa (Photo featured on top). Laksa is white rice noodle in coconut curry. One of my favorite spicy dishes in the world, and no one makes it better than the Katong one. So it first started when a stall at katong got really popular. Then more stalls started appearing along katong claiming they were THE katong laksa. However, if you know the place and the history, you would know which is the original one. And I happen to know which one it is. It is the small little store in a coffee shop that doesnt have its own big store. It looks old and boring and you wouldnt expect that one to be THE katong laksa. But to be honest, I have tried all of them and they are ALL good. Add a little sambal to spice up your laksa and definitely put the laksa leaves. They really bring the flavor out. Also if you are not into shellfishes, remember to tell them to take out the hum which is the shellfish they put in it. You know its a katong laksa when all you have to eat from the bowl is a soup spoon and no chop sticks. The reason behind it is so that you will get gravy with every bite. Genius and a gastronomical experience with every mouth. A must try when ya in Singapore. And trust me, its nothing like the crappy laksa they have at Cafetasia. 😛

Chicken Rice

Then move on to try the chicken rice at either 5 star or boon tong kee. Boon tong kee is the more famous one in Singapore. Hainanese Chicken rice is probably the most famous singaporean dish in the world, which is kinda weird bcos we locals believe its the chilli crab, or the char kway teow, or the fried carrot cake, psh we love all our local food. Try it white and roasted. I like both of them! And definitely eat it with dark thick soya sauce and the garlic chilli they provide. yum….

Next up, the carrot cake at a small store at the end of katong street. Supposedly one of the best. not that important but a great place to get your carrot cake.

Fried black carrot cake

Then you got Glory Catering with the most yumalicious Nasi pandang in the world. Way overpriced but so good, i keep going back. Nasi Padang is basically the malay version of pick and choose. You get rice and you get to pick from a wide array of malay dishes. Personal recommendations are the curry chicken, the mutton rendang, the sayo lado which is vegetables in curry, the brinjal/eggplant and THE MUST GET fried flattened ikan bilis(like anchovies). A warning. Its extremely spicy but the experience is sooo good. Best with a can of cold coke. 😛

Finally, go down a little further east to experience prawn noodle at its finest. No one makes the prawn noodle as good as they do at Telok Kurau Prawn Noodle. This is the first place my mum brings me to when i touch down in Singapore every time i go home for breaks. The soup is rich in flavor and everything about it is done right. Order the wu xiang which translates to 5 spices as an appetizer. Pick what you want and they will deep fry them for you. Its soo good. Try to tofu, the century egg, the flat fish cake and the must try fried prawn cracker thingy. I have no idea what its called, but its a dish shaped thingy with prawn sells and its crispy and flaky looking. (the pale looking thing on the top of the picture) It is served with a sticky sweet pink sauce which im not a big fan of but i absolutely love the red spicy sauce they give. Its the best. A wondering pairing in the store on east coast road.

Thats Katong for you.

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