New Orleans: Gumbo Shop

I love the names of the food that are native to New Orleans. Its just like how i love to say bibimbop! BI BIM BOP! OK but this is not about a korean dish. This is about a restaurant i checked out on the street of New Orleans French Quarter.

It is none other than the GUMBO SHOP! Doesn’t it sound like a candy store? Gum-Bo! I feel like i can write a song and try to rap the names of the food here. JAMBALAYA! Ok i know this is getting random but thats how much i love to say the name of the food here. POBOY!

Gumbo shop was recommended to me by the cocktail tour guide for supposedly having one of the best gumbos in town. So i thought i will give it a try. Together with my two new friends from George Mason Alex and Tiffany, we ventured into the quaint restaurant without having to wait in line. We knew what we wanted when we saw the menu. There was a dinner combo meal that allowed you to choose a gumbo, a main entree, and a dessert. This is the breakdown!

Gumbo: I had the seafood okra gumbo. Okra is this longish looking pod plant that has slimy seeds in them. We call it “Lady’s Finger” in Asia but that is something completely different in the states. Oh wait i have to explain what Gumbo is. It is basically a soup with some rice in there, except the soup is sooo thick and flavorful, its more like gravy. Hence you are essentially having gravy with rice. My seafood okra gumbo was pretty good. Had a slimy texture to it because of the okra. I was kinda hoping that it would be okra fried in batter like how Bobby Flay did it on Iron Chef… But oh well. Alex got the chicken and sausage one and it was soooo good. I loved her’s to bits. She ate half and gave the rest to me because it was too spicy for her. It was a little, but it made it all the better. I could eat an entire giant bowl of that. The chicken chunks and the sausages were soooo yummy!

Crawfish Etouffee

Main Entree: I had the crawfish Etouffee which was YUMMMY. I don’t see a difference with Etouffee and Gumbo… I think they are the same thing… Anyway again it was gravy with rice. The crawfish etouffee was saturated with essence of crawfish. Crawfish/Crayfish is a favorite of mine. I used to have it every time my family went out for seafood. There were chunks of crawfish that made it even better. Overall a wonderful warm experience. By the time i got through half the dish, i was surprisingly full… There were sides as well. The roasted garlic mash potatoes were to DIE FOR… best mash potatoes i ever had in my life.

My friend had the taste of New Orleans which is basically jambalaya with red beans and another creole sauce. I can’t remember what it was but it wasn’t as good as the red beans so not worth mentioning. The jambalaya(creole fried rice) was good but not as good as the one i had on my first day here at Acme which i will talk about soon.

Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Finally the dessert. We had the bread pudding with whiskey sauce and a praline sundae which both stopped my heart. The bread pudding was soooo good. I experienced a mini orgasm when my mouth was filled with the pudding and the whiskey sauce. I went on to dig into my friend’s praline sundae which is just vanilla ice cream over praline syrup which can i say is the best sundae sauce i ever had. Who needs chocolate fudge when you got that sauce??? Anyway she finished the whole sundae so fast even though it was 3 scoops and i didnt get a chance to mix the sundae with my bread pudding… I bet it would have been EPIC!!!

So whats the overall experience? Beyond great. Firstly because our gay waiter was absolutely delightful and made my day. Secondly, my friend Alex who apparently is very critical about her food which i am not surprise she is absolutely loved every single dish she got at the Gumbo Shop, which means both the food critics in this group agree that Gumbo Shop was great and worth going. I however dont think they have the best gumbo and will continue to find it.

Realize i didn’t mention Tiffany? Well thats because this american friend of mine decided that she would have some fries and brownies even though this was the first time in New Orleans for her. Speechless. No comments.

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