New Orleans: First Jambalaya Experience

If there is one place i was sure i needed to visit and try the food, it was Acme. 3 reasons.

1) It was mentioned on the travel channel on Man Vs Food with the wild record of number of oyster a person could eat in a single sitting. I think it currently stands at 52.5 dozen. THATS LIKE 630 OYSTERS! Firstly, i dont even know how it is possible to fit that much oyster in one person. Secondly how is it possible to not puke it all out after that. Gross…

2) It has great reviews on Yelp. Probably one of the best rated restaurant in New Orleans in Yelp.

3) The person sitting beside me on the plane to New Orleans recommended it to me too.

So all this meant that I HAD TO go to this place, which i did on my first day. And it was awesome. It was so good, i considered ordering more although i was full. I had a half dozen oysters and a jambalaya.

Half Dozen Oysters

The oysters were not too bad. Im not an oyster person so it nothing big to me. all i know is that these oysters didnt have any funky taste AT ALL. But the problem is that these oysters had no funky taste to the point that it did not have any taste actually. I had to put some lemon and hot sauce to put in some flavor. The baked or fried oysters looked great though so i might try that in the future.

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

The Jambalaya on the other hand was a different experience. This was my first time eating Jambalaya. My first mouth blew me away. I was like how is it possible that i have not had it my entire life. It was soooooooooooooooooo good. It was like the creole version of fried rice. It took me no more than 2 minutes to finish the entire plate. Everything about it was gooood. The rice. The Chicken. The sausages. It kinda looked and taste a little like asian yam rice, but alot better. I thought this Jambalaya was perfect, until i tried another one somewhere else which blew my mind again. But this one was really good and definitely was a good recommendation from Yelp.

What would i do without yelp… And JAMBALAYA! Watch out for my entry about New Orleans School of Cooking. Im going home with an awesome Jambalaya recipe!!!

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