Argentina: New Year’s Eve at Recoletta

It’s new year’s eve and I decide to visit Recoletta, home of the famous cemetery. I am not a big fan of visiting the place of residence of zombies, vampires and Buffy, but apparently this was something really impressive, and sure enough, it was. Never have I seen so much effort gone into building a cemetery. They were not really tomb stones, but more like small structures that looked like crypts to house a family. A dead one. And then I took a picture in front of Eva Peron’s tomb because everyone was doing it. Who is she? I have no idea…

Near by, there is this place that apparently serves really good empanadas and stews. So I check it out. I got a spicy steak and a cheese with onions. Both were fresh out of the oven tasty. Love the crust. It was light, fluffy yet firm. I tried to order a stew, but the waitress gave me a weird look and suggested a shepherd’s pie. To be honest, I was missing potatoes. Haven’t had them for a while. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was actually really good. The sauce the meat was drenched in under the potatoes was very unique to me. I think it was some sort of red wine reduction stew with Argentinean spices. I approve.

For lunch, because it was new year’s eve, and since my room mates hardly leave the hostel, I ended up eating pizza from the café downstairs since no one wanted to go out to get food. And while we are at pizza, I decided to snack at a pizza joint near my hostel, because it seemed so popular. There were quite a few around the city, and they were always packed with people. And guess what. Worst pizza I ever had in my life. Even worse than Singapore’s Canadian pizza. And that’s just sad. I later met two girls who work in Quito, Ecuador, as teachers who apparently had a nice dinner at a restaurant in San Telmo. I would have killed to be with them, instead of being at the hostel. Urgh. The perils of being older and more matured. All I wanted was to enjoy a meal and some red wine with the people I love. Is that too much to ask? Note to self: make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and have a great meal with best friends over wine.

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