Argentina: Dinner & Tango Lessons

Last day in Buenos Aires. And what did I decide to eat for lunch? The most international restaurant in the world. McDonalds. 😛 There are surprisingly many McDonalds around the city, so I figured it must be somewhat good. And also hopefully they have some local special like those interesting burgers in Hong Kong and what not. A Danish couple I was with have been raving about this burger called Tasty Big. Apparently it’s really popular in Denmark, and when I saw it on the menu, I guess I had to try it. Besides, it was the only burger on the menu that looked different. With the exception of the Triple Mac (3 patties instead of 2 in a Big Mac). It was a burger with an oversized patty. Meh.

For dinner, I went to a tango show and was treated to a 3 course meal that started with some empanadas, a sirloin steak and a chocolate brownie with ice cream. I was so hungry, I forgot to take pictures. The food wasn’t too bad. The steak was somewhat overcooked for my liking. The chocolate brownie was more like a day old chocolate cake, than the usual warm fudgy brownie I’m used to. Only had a few bites before I gave up. However, with the unlimited wine, the night went well as I made a couple of new friends and bonded over our hilarious/drunk tango lesson.

To conclude the food chapter, Buenos Aires is awesome for the affordable steak and wine meals. Steaks usually cost 50 peso at a fancy restaurant which is around $12.50 USD. The wine list starts at 30 peso a bottle up. That’s barely 10 bucks for a bottle. Basically a huge steak and plenty of red wine for less than 20USD. A steal. A diet that requires getting used to, especially the time issue. I actually now understand why Titi refuses to eat steak after she got back from Buenos Aires. It can be a little too much. And perhaps I need another week in BA to feel the effects of it. Unfortunately, my trip in BA has to end prematurely. Thanks to the freaking snow in New York City. Urgh.

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