Flight cancelled

Thanks to the history making “white christmas”, I got stuck in New York City because all flights out of Laguardia, JFK and Newark were cancelled. FML. So instead of being in Buenos Aires sipping Malbec and eating large pieces of steak, I found myself lying on my sofa bed, under my covers, with chinese food, doritos, pinot noir and a pint of haagen dazs chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, and a string of movies, namely:

1) Dead Poets Society (Love it!)
2) Bounty Hunter (Hate it! Can’t believe they got A-listers to act in this)
3) Devil (It was alright, since M Night didn’t direct it)
4) Timer (Interesting concept)
5) Pontypool (Very well done. A little confusing.)
6) Santa Clause (Christmas Movie 1)
7) Jingle all the way (Christmas Movie 2)
8) Love Actually (The Christmas Movie)
9) Going the distance (Very realistic romantic comedy. Like)
10) The Town (Great acting and action sequence)
11) The Kids are Alright (Meh was sleepy when watching)
12) Splice (Alien-Human Sex. What more can I say)
13) Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Very cute. Too much for me)
14) Social Network (Harvard elitist attitude of “We are from Harvard. Girls dig us.” caused me to gag throughout the movie)
15)  Citizen Kane (Watched half of it. Very reminiscence of There will be blood.)

Wow.. that is a lot of movies over the course of a few days. Anyway looks like the weather has cleared and my flights are good for take off, so I’m leaving this hell hole today and will be enjoying myself in South America the next 3 weeks, getting lost, frantically trying to understand the locals, eating the best of latin america food, countless hours on buses, a lot of alcohol, small grimy hostels, sandy beaches, and a whole lot of sun and warmth. Hopefully I am still around after 3 weeks to return to the hell hole of NYU Stern to finish off my last semester and hopefully find a job before graduating.

So I guess I will be updating you guys on my status throughout my trip through here. Ready for another trip of a lifetime? Well I sure am! In the words of Dorry, follow me!

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