Uruguay: My Argentinian Girl

As I was lying on the beach of La Barilla (close to Punta del Este), minding my own business, applying my tanning lotion occasionally, a girl walked up beside me with a foldable chair. She tried to open it for a minute in vain, before looking around for help. She looked deep into my eyes, and said something in spanish. I obviously had no idea what she said, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t have the word “help” in it. That one i learnt from my phrasebook. Its ayuda. 😀

Anyway I got up and help her unfold it. In like a second… It was easy… She was so happy and started thanking me profusely. She then asked me “You Japanese?” I said no, and that I am Singaporean but i live in New York. At this she got really excited and told me that she was born in New York City. What a coincidence! I asked her where she lived, and she told me a city in Argentina, and that she was here for vacation.

We then went on to talk about her love for Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. And then she invited me to go swim with her. I said the water was too cold. (I’m not kidding. It’s @#$%ing cold) She giggled and walked in the water, and said I was right and that it was cold. She then swish around, as if doing a dance for me. She then invited me to go into the water again. I gave in and just walked around the shallow area. We went back to my beach towel, and she asked me whether i liked the pepsi i was drinking. I said i didn’t like it because it was warm. She then asked me something, which i couldn’t understand. We spent the next 5 minutes browsing through my phrasebook, trying to find out what she wanted to tell me. And then I realized all she wanted was to try my pepsi to see whether it was warm.

I gave her the bottle. She took a sip and said it was warm. She giggled. And then she asked me whether we could be friends. I said yes. And then she asked me whether I have facebook. Again I said yes. She got real excited. So I gave her my facebook address.

She then went back into the water, swishing around, constantly looking at me.

I know what you are thinking. I found myself an Argentinian girl. A thirteen year old one, who also asked me whether I watch Dora the explorer. 😛 True story.

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