Uruguay: An Email from Punta Del Diablo

This is an email I wrote to my friend, Titi, who recommended me to visit Punta Del Diablo, a small fishing village located on the coast of Uruguay. During the summer, the village becomes a party town, swamped with young people from all over South America looking to have a good time.

Dear Titi,

I’m at Punta Del Diablo right now, which i think is the cutest place I have ever been to in my life! This little fishing village is the kind of place i want to be in when i get sick of corporate life and want to escape from the world.

Also I am taking time to pray for your salvation. During your stay here, you must have sinned much. I swear almost every guy i see here walked right straight out of a poster or a movie. SERIOUSLY?! WTF?! What’s with the gorgeous face with the perfect hair and a kickass body?!?! I’m depressed. My body is disgusting. I’m heading to the gym the moment i get back to New York. And get my hair done. And some plastic surgery.

Sigh. The girls. meh. I think im not that into latin american girls. Although there are some racial ambiguous ones that are gorgeous… like my room mate the other day. 😀 Although i have to say most of them have really good boobs. And ass.

Living the life,

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