Singapore: Best Places to Eat No.5

Number 5 brings me back to my high school/Junior college days, back in Raffles Junior College. During lunch time, we would rush over to Ghim Moh market for lunch. Without a doubt, Ghim Moh is one of the best places of lunch and lunch only. It is sad that most of the stores are close in the evening but its still alright. So what to eat here?

The fried kway teow is probably the most famous one (featured photo on top). Always a line, the person who makes it knows how to make a damn good plate of fried kway teow. Sweet and savory and at the right wetness, this fried kway teow is one of the best in the nation and is sure to make you want more and more.

The Char Siew and Roasted Pork store is also one of the best in the country. They roast it to the point that its a little charred. The burnt edges and crispiness adds so much flavor and intensity to the meat, it is just the most yumalicious and fattening meat in the world. So so good.

Char siew and Roasted Pork rice

The chee kueh which is an appetizer is kinda made of flour i think? paired with salted vegetables and some chili, this is one of my favorite dish growing up. Not only is it cheap, its packed with flavor and absolutely delicious.

Chee Kueh

All these stores i mentioned are in the middle section of the market. Next, the famous duck rice. I believe its called johnson. We used to eat that all the time. Very good. Well done duck on yam rice. yum.

Duck Rice

And for dessert, try the ah balling which is basically glutonous rice balls in peanut soup. The peanut soup is a must try. One of the best dessert soup base in the world. Also try the ice jelly dessert from the middle section as well as the ice kachang. Good for a hot day.

Ah Balling aka Glutonous rice balls

Of course you can try others as well. The noodle store here is pretty good too… actually everything here is good. But those dishes i talked about stand out. And when ya done, you are just a walk away from Holland Village which is a great place to chill. There are alot of cool cafes and restaurants, and if its soccer season, one of the best places to watch the match. Also there is a hawker center in holland village that has really good pick and choose store. Its called the economical store or something and there is usually a line. Holland V is also famous for its Nasi Lemak which is the coconut rice and you will also be able to find a katong laksa here. Dont miss out on that!

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