Singapore: Best Places to Eat No.2

Ok people better be reading this crap Im writing. Especially the juniors. I skipped FFM to write my previous entry and im now writing this entry when im suppose to be doing my stupid org comm redundant homework which is due tomorrow. Filling up a “storyboard”. Who the hell writes a story board before a presentation. I mean to be honest. Really?! Is someone making a presentation to a client at Goldman going to sit down with his team and say “Ok guys we need to do this story board. This is how we are going to transition to one another and how we can use this metaphor to tell our story.” Cannot believe i have to sit through this crap twice a week. Cant believe people actually commented and say it was the most helpful class in NYU Stern. Probably means no class in NYU is helpful which is kind of sad…

Alright back to what this post is about. NUMBER TWO! SERANGOON GARDEN’S CHOMP CHOMP! This has to be one of the most popular hang out spots for locals. Also one of the most overrated place because to be honest, nothing at chomp chomp is DA BEST. But i mean they do have good food, just not the best. Chomp Chomp is a small hawker center if you can call it that. Always smoky from the 2 bbq stores, this is probably the only hawker center in Singapore that does not have a chicken rice store. Isn’t that interesting?

Alright so what to get at Chomp Chomp? Chomp Chomp is all about the sharing experience. This is where someone sits at the table and the rest go out and buy food in crazy portions. And then people fight to pay for the bill and its usually hard to calculate how much to pay per person and people give up, since it really isnt that much money anyway. But why we love chomp chomp so much? Because they got damn good barbeque food. And not the kind of barbeque you guys have here in the states. No burgers. No hotdogs. Get ready to try some of the tastiest things in the world.

1) BBQ Sambal Sting Ray and La La: Yes. You are going to eat the very animal that killed the crocodile hunter! Before you freak out and say thats the most disgusting thing ever, it really isn’t. Sting ray happens to be the best tasting fish in the world. The flesh is silky and absolutely yummy. Barbequed and topped with asian shrimp chilis, the perfect combination. Dip it into the extra onion chili dipping they give, ITS DIVINE. Just in case you are wondering which BBQ stall is better since they are side by side(GASP ITS GAME THEORY!), I do believe it is the one that is deeper into chomp chomp aka further from the entrance/exit. Also get the shellfish thingy. Its called la-la which is small shellfish cooked in this chili sauce broth thingy. You suck the flesh out of the small cute little shells or you use like a tooth pick or something. Ok i cant remember because i used to hate shellfish and stay away from them. And then i tried it last summer and it was OMG. I was like i cant believe i have been missing out on this all this while. Anyway heed my advice. Try it. You wont regret it. Ok maybe you might. But at least you tried!

BBQ Stingray

2) BBQ Chicken Wings and Satay: Again YUM. I love this part the most actually. I always quickly squeeze the lime over them and grab it faster than anyone else and dip it into the garlic chilli sauce they provide that is similar to the one given when you eat the hainanese chicken rice. And they give you pink napkins to go along with it. 😀 Yum…. Definitely better than buffalo wings. Oh and get a plate of Satays too. Basically skewers of meat. So much better than kebabs. I think they got pork, chicken and mutton. TRY ALL. They are all good. And get those rice things called ketuput and dip your skewers and rice into the peanut sauce given. mmmmmmm….

3) Satay BeeHoon: Asian vermicelli soaked in rich peanut sauce with cutterfish and kangkong (a sort of vegetable). So good. Not a good fan of the cutterfish but the peanut sauce is to die for.

Satay Bee Hoon

4) Oyster Omellette and Carrot Cake: The oyster omelette is probably one of the most sinful things in the world. Soaked in grease, it is so so good. Thinking about it now makes my mouth water. The juicy oyster bursting with flavor as you chew on the egg with starch dipped in the spicy chili diping. FOOD ORGASM! And then the carrot cake. Two style. White and Black. Get both. White is more eggy while black is drizzled with thick black soya sauce to give it a sweet burnt caramelized flavor. Same dish. 2 different ways of cooking it. 2 flavors. Both are to die for. My favorite food in the world actually.

Oyster Omellete

5) The giant sugar cane drink: This one you have to get. In fact, order the large and share. Its HUGE. Get it with lemon/lime. Sugar cane drink is by far one of the favorite drinks to have at a hawker center, and chomp chomp has one of the best sugar cane drink on the island. I think because its so damn big a cup. Expensive but OMG. You have to see how big it is!

The Huge Ass Sugar Cane Drink

Yeah i think thats all. Pretty standard. Every time we go to chomp chomp, we immediately break and get the food and bring it to the table for a giant feast together. Of cos finding a table is another problem but its usually not toooo bad. If you want some noodles, the meepok here is not too bad as well i think. I think the tangyuan here is good too for dessert but if i were you, i would walk over to this newly discovered dessert place that my friend recently introduced to me.

Walk out of chomp chomp and directly across the round about, you should see a road leading away from the round about. There should be a bank there. I think it is OCBC or UOB. And also an apple strudel place if i remember correctly… ok across the street from the bank, you should see some karaoke bars and a cyber cafe where kids play computer games(YOU GUYS HAVE TO TRY THIS TOO. Its a total local thing to do) There should be a stairs that lead up to a dessert place. I don’t know what the place is called but it sells desserts, and one of the best i have had in Singapore.

Durian Puree. Give it a shot.

Things to try are the durian dessert and the mango one. I think they are both puree with like stuff in them. Cant remember what its called but its a bowl of puree fruit, so a soupy dessert. So so good. Even if you don’t like durian, give this a shot. This dessert might convert you to a durian lover. I personally dont like durian because of the dry creamy intense flavor, but this dessert is cold and smooth so it takes away the things i hate about durian fruit itself so definitely a great experience. So far most of the things i have had there are real good.

Then when ya done with the dessert. Go down to that computer place i was talking about and play Left4dead together. Scream shout and kill each other in the “teen club” of Singapore. It will probably be packed so you might have to find another place. And there you go. Serangoon Garden’s Chomp Chomp. Great singaporean BBQ all in one spot. Ok im totally salivating right now, and am dying of hunger. Omg… this is the most excruciating blog entry to write…

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