Argentina: A Tour of La Boca

On day 2, I joined a hostel tour to La Boca. This is the place where many iconic pictures of Buenos Aires are taken, which is rather ironic because this place of beauty is also suppose to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. o_O. Walking around La Boca is definitely the highlight of Buenos Aires. The colors, the music, the stores, the life, everything about it is just wonderful and I couldn’t stop taking photos.

As part of a tour, we were offered the option of a sausage sandwich, a meat sandwich or pasta. I think I was the only person who ordered pasta. 😛 Why am I eating pasta? Because I can’t eat steak consecutively. It’s too much for my little Asian body to handle, especially after 20 years of a lot of pork and chicken. Surprisingly, that pasta was good. I order rose sauce, which obviously I had no idea what it was. I think it was tomato cream sauce, but it was absolutely delicious. The fettuccini was definitely freshly made, and perfectly cooked. I have to say, this might actually be one of the best pasta I ever had in my life. In Buenos Aires. I guess they have a good Italian community here.

For dinner, I visited Palermo for this restaurant well known for its wine selection. I ordered half a steak tenderloin, ready to treat myself to a three course meal at least once in Buenos Aires. First came my salad. Then came my tenderloin. It was surprisingly small, but I wasn’t complaining. That just means more room for dessert. The waiter poured me some Malbec and the moment the wine filled my mouth, I stopped the waiter and asked to see the bottle. That has got to be one of the best red wines I ever tasted. I have tasted good Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley, and was blown away at how good it was, especially since I’m not a big cabernet person. But Malbec. Malbec is my kind of wine. The kind you can sit with friends and drink all night kind of wine. Absolutely perfect. What I had next blew my mind. Recommended by the waiter, I was met by a giant tiramisu on a big plate and a small glass of malbec dessert wine. Again I tried the wine. O M G. It was like reducing a bottle of wine into that small glass. It was fruity, sweet, strong yet not overpowering. And the tiramisu. Oh my. It could have been the wine, but I swear that was one of the best tiramisu I ever had in my life. It was a perfect pairing.

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