Puerto Rico: First Thoughts

In Spring 2012, I flew down to Puerto Rico for Spring Break. And while most people planned to get hammered every single night and spend their days recuperating by the pool of a resort, me and my three friends wanted to actually explore Puerto Rico.

We rented a car for the week and got a cute apartment in Old San Juan. We had a whole week of itinerary planned out, filled with beaches we wanted to check out and eating spots recommended by Anthony Bourdain and other celebrities and reviews. Basically we were ready to have a good time.

And upon arrival, as we walked out of the plane, I got that familiar feeling. That warm humid air that welcomes me whenever I fly back home to Singapore. Man it felt good. Especially since we were coming from cold temperatures…

We got our car and started making our way to the apartment. This drive allowed me to kinda get a feel of Puerto Rico. And my first thoughts are that Puerto Rico is kinda like the mexican version of Singapore. Alright.. let me be more politically correct… the hispanic version of Singapore.

I have to say, our infrastructure looks pretty similar. The roads. The apartments. The trees. The weather. It just felt familiar, except the greeting here was “Hola!” instead of “Ni Hao!”, or actually more like “Oi!” (Singapore…). And everything was nicer, in that it felt more pure and closer to nature. I liked it. It felt a little like home, and that gave me a little warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I guess in the future, if I am missing home, all I have to do is take this 5 hour flight down to mexican Singapore instead of that 24 hour flight to chinese Singapore.

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