Singapore: The Nightlife (No-party edition)

Sure New York City is called the city that never sleeps. In Singapore, we are the city that never stops eating! Even at 3 in the morning, you can still find eating places to chill with your friends and just talk about life. In fact, whenever i am back in Singapore, we usually only hang out past 12am and one of the best places to chill is a Roti Prata place.

These indian places are usually open 24/7 and are always crowded with people. A great place to go to after a bar or a club and you just want something greasy and oily and yummy to satisfy the hunger that comes with alcohol. In fact, prata is pretty much the bacon of Singapore in terms of hang over cure.

Perhaps some of you are familiar with roti canai. Thats the one available here in the states. In Singapore however, we want something more solid, so we got the roti prata. Think pancakes. but more greasy and yummy. Thats roti prata. Definitely try the plain prata which is locally called ” kosong” which means empty/zero/zilch. Dip it in sugar or curry, depending on whether you are into savory or sweet that day. And then something adventurous. With egg, with onions, mushrooms whatever you want, they got it. Or maybe something that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Try the chocolate banana ones or the one with condensed milk. They are sooo good. Packed with calories but when ya that drunk, it really doesn’t matter.

Crispy Roti Prata

Also dont miss out of the entree dishes like the meehoon goreng, magi goreng, and mee goreng. I will personally go for the magi goreng because its amazing how they turn boring ramen into something so yummy and amazing. The murtabak are good too but be prepared to share. Its usually HUGE. What it is is almost like a wrap i will say. Using the roti prata to wrap around ground meats and stuff. Basically its good.

For drinks, order a variety and try them all out! These prata places usually serve a variety of drinks which are real good. First on the list. Milo Dinosaur. Its probably one of the favorite drinks in the country. Milo is basically the hot chocolate of Singapore, with malt i think. Trust me, its better than hot chocolate. Milo Dinosaur is like a triple fudge hot chocolate in ice. Absolutely chocolaty and will send you straight to a food orgasm. or that could just be a sugar rush. Also try the teas. Teh Tarik which is milk tea that has been frothed up by pouring from cup to cup continuously to add air in is my favorite drink in the world. The ginger milk tea is good too. Cant remember what that is called. Bundong, rose syrup with condensed milk, is also very good. Basically go wild and try them all out. They are all yummy.

Milo Dinosaur

The problem with these prata places is that they are usually far for central area. I mean you could still get it anywhere, its just that the ones local hang out in at night is a little far. Here are some recommended places.

1) Prata House: Situated near my high school, and not too far off from the city center, this is probably one of the most popular prata places because of how they prepare their roti prata… in an inch of oil! its absolutely gross. I encourage you to not see it. Its actually one of the crispiest in the country so worth trying. The magi goreng here is good too if i remember correctly. I recommend going to this one.

2) Jalan Kayu: This one is so far and secluded, its a pain to get to. However, its traditionally known as the best prata in Singapore. Meh. Its good but i dont know about going all the way there.

3) Prata Place: This is my personal favorite. Their kosong is absolutely yummy and i could eat it all day. Except this is really far too and the only time i go there is when i visit my best friend. They dont open late though so that sucks.

4) Al-Ameen: This is a good place to gather. Lots of seats. Not too far from town i guess. Food is pretty good. Lots of local hang out here. In fact, my friends usually choose this place. Its located in the bukit timah area which is where alot of rich people live.

What to do after finishing all the food and there is nothing to talk about? ITS TIME TO GO PRAWNING! This is one of my recently discovered things to do in Singapore and I absolutely love it. Not too far from the Prata house at Bishan is a place you can go prawning, and in american terms, go fish for shrimp, except these shrimps are HUGE. Almost the size of craw/cray fish. Its a little pricey but its an extremely fun activity to do and gives you lots of time to talk and just catch up. And at the end of it, you get to eat your prawns by grilling them on the spot. Nothing is fresher than eating your seafood like that, especially when you get to cook them yourself. Definitely a must try local thing to do in Singapore.

Prawning with my Friends – Alicia, Pamela and Jenny
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