New Orleans: Learning Creole Cooking

This entry was going to be a long one. I was going on and on about how the class at New Orleans School of Cooking was done and how good the food were and how i tried cooking them after taking this class. And then i typed something wrong and i press ctrl+z too much when im undoing my typing, i turn to my friend Titi and asked her what was the opposite of ctrl+z.

She turned to me and said “What’s ctrl+z?”

I was speechless. And then i thought i will randomly try something. Im trying to redo so i guess its ctrl+r? Oh wait thats refresh. Oh crap. Too late. Everything in the text box disappeared. ARGH FML. So because of my stupidity, this entry has been cut short, because im too lazy to write everything again in detail. Hence a summary.

Sausage Gumbo

Gumbo: Good. Too oily. Too much calories. Too watery for me. When i think gumbo, i think something thick and gooey. But different chef/cook make their gumbos differently. So oh well.


Jambalaya: Best jambalaya i ever had. Even better than Acme. It was rich in flavor yet light and fluffy in terms of texture. Great great jambalaya.

Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

Bread Pudding: Too dry for me too. I like my bread pudding gooey and warm on the inside, and crispy on the outside. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. And some warm yummy alcohol based sauce like rum or whiskey drizzled over. And then the ice cream will melt and cover the bread pudding. Steaming and crispy bread pudding with cold freezing sweet refreshing vanilla ice cream. This is too much for me… now i want some…


Praline: Sugar. Butter. Pecan. Too much for me. Cant do it. It was good, but so bad i can’t take it. 🙁

The class: The most awesome thing i did in New Orleans. Tripadvisor and yelp were right in recommending the cooking school. For 23 bucks, i got a great cooking class and an awesome lunch. What more can i ask for a great afternoon in New Orleans? Definitely a must go if you ever go to New Orleans.

I tried the recipes for both jambalaya and bread pudding and lets just say the people i worked with in New Orleans LOVED IT! haha of course they could be lying, but i personally thought it was gooood, so :D. Did i mention someone commented that he couldn’t believe a new yorker made such a great new orleans dish. 😀 That totally made my day.

PS I know there is a missing entry yesterday, but thats because my stupid video didnt upload well, and i fell asleep before i could finish uploading. Will try to get it up soon. That brings me to why its not working. Im actually currently in Titi’s house and i don’t know what’s wrong with her wifi but my video uploading is not working… So yeah im currently in Houston TX enjoying suburban life. Just chilling. Just relaxing. 😀

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