New Orleans: Best BBQ Shrimp on this Planet

This is going to be my last food entry for New Orleans. It was my last night in New Orleans and I had to decide where i wanted to go for my last dinner in New Orleans. Will it be Brigtsen’s for its famous creole food and Pecan Pie, or Pascal Manale’s for its barbeque shrimp? These two restaurants were featured on Food Network’s The Best thing i ever ate. Of course i did consider going to both. 😛 But i called Brigtsen and they were closing early that day so i had to go there first but that would mean i would have dessert first before having the bbq shrimp which did not make sense to me. Not to mention it was pretty far. Soooo PASCAL MANALE IT IS!

Pascal Manale’s was more porsh that i expected it to be. It was real fancy with really attentive waiters. I got seated and the waiter was quick in giving me a glass of water and a loaf of warm french bread. I was hungry then so i decided to eat some bread to make sure i didn’t have the hunger biasness. And man the bread was good. Didn’t expect much from it but it was warm and moist and soft and crunchy at all the right places. Perfect french bread. The best i have had in New Orleans. I generously spread butter over it and enjoyed myself to a great bread.

I looked at the menu again although I already knew what i wanted. I guess the waiter knew that too for the first time. He was like “So do you want to hear the specials we got for today or do you already know what you want?” I love to hear the specials so i told him to go ahead. Obviously i wasn’t going to choose any of that but i just like to have my options. 😛

Turtle Soup

First up. Turtle soup. Heard about it. Don’t think i have tried it before and i knew it was a New Orleans’ delicacy so i had to try it. It was meh. I put more sherry in it and some pepper and it became pretty yummy. I think its the sherry. 😛 Alcohol makes everything better. That goes to soup, desserts, homework and depression. 😛 It was kinda garlicy. I can’t really explain how it taste… it was unique… nothing really special i guess. but it was still good. not mindblowing.

Then came the dish i have been wanting to try for a looong time. Pascal Manale’s famous bbq shrimp. Why is it so popular? Because its not the conventional BBQ Shrimp. It was not cooked on a grill. In fact its cooked in a pan or a wok. Probably a wok. The BBQ come from the broth it is cooked in. From what i taste, i think it is bbq spices in seafood broth with a tonne of butter. Each shrimp was coated with additional black pepper that really brought out the bbq flavors in the broth. So i put on my bib and went straight for it!

BBQ Shrimp

How good was it? IT WAS MINDBLOWING. This was food orgasm to the max. Multiple Orgasm. Every single shrimp was one orgasm after another. Omg… that was how good it was. This is one of the few times i actually enjoyed sucking the head of the shrimp as it was leaking with the bbq butter broth. Oh god… And the shrimps were perfectly cooked, sweet and fresh. Omg… is it weird im getting aroused just thinking about it? And im not even hungry…

The Aftermath

I will definitely be coming back for that. That was by far the best bbq shrimp i ever had. That has to be one of the best shrimp dish i ever had in my life. I was really surprise to have this in America. I have pretty given up on the US for seafood, but this shrimp dish made me ate my words. In fact, it is so good, i got a feeling the chef got his inspiration from Singaporean cooking. It was like a hybrid between drunken prawn and black pepper sauce. A perfect blend coming together. Yum….

After having this bbq shrimp, i did not regret not going to brigtsen. I will definitely check brigtsen out the next time im in town. Oh and to top it off, i walked over to Creole Cremery to get some really creamy ice cream. Not the best ice cream. It was alright. But then again, im not into creamy ice cream.

Creole Cremery

Has to be the most amazing shrimp I ever had in my life. Period. Pure food orgasm. A perfect 5 stars. Nothing less than that.

Pascal’s Manale Restaurant
1838 Napoleon Ave
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 895-4877…

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