Singapore: Best Places to Eat No.4

This post is going to be real controversial. Everyone knows Hong Kong is famous for their dimsum. Yes they invented it. I have been to Hong Kong many times and had dimsum there, but the best dimsum i ever had is back home in Singapore from Crystal Jade. There is a reason why Crystal Jade is so popular in Singapore, and even managed to open a few restaurants in Hong Kong. And they are big in Hong Kong too.

So if you are looking for real good dim sum and not the “meh” ones from NY China Town like Jing fong Golden Gate etc, you have to check out Crystal Jade in Singapore, both the Hong Kong style and the ShangHai style. Thats Number 4! Not only is the taste amazing, it is fine dining without blowing your budget. And the best part about it is that if you go to the one located at Holland Village, it is open through the night. Midnight dimsum!

Definitely try the congee. Whether is it the duck and chicken, century egg and lean meat or the fish and ginger, they are allllll good. The texture of the congee, the crispiness of the fried chinese donut/fritter, the green onions…. Yuuummm and try the noodles too.


As for the dimsum part, I dont think i ever had something from crystal jade that i disliked. Best carrot cake, best charsiew bao, best char siew sao…. the list goes on. Go crazy and order a bunch of basket because they are soooo cheap!

Fried Carrot Cake

Also try the Shanghai one if you are not into dimsum. The lamien/noodles is real tasty and they have good shanghai dishes too. But definitely try the Hongkong style one if you have the chance.

Best bang for buck in terms of fine dining. Crystal Jade is located throughout the island of Singapore, so you wont have a problem getting to one. Try the one at Vivocity if you have the chance. That one looks real modern.

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