Two hours in Sunburnt Cow

20 Dollars all you can eat and drink?!?! SAY WHAT?! How could I say no to that?!

Which is why I found myself in this Aussie restaurant called Sunburnt Cow in the east village one evening with my friends Rachel, Byron, Nameeta and Glenn, ready to stuff our faces and get drunk on a weekday evening.

Was it a good deal? Hell yeah! The food was decent. Decent like slightly above edible standard.

The appetizers of calamari, garlic shrimp and scallops, lamb balls were all a great way to start a meal. Then we started ordering burgers and sandwiches. Oh man… the fish burger was good. Greasy good. Like how fish and chips should be. Then the lamb burger came. And it was yummy. Not the best lamb I ever had. But after having 2 of those yummy tasting house cocktails called the sunburnt(passion fruit, strawberry and tequila. Oh God. my fav cocktail currently), it tasted pretty darn good. In fact, they were so good, i had them coming continuously. Thanks to my lovely Aussie waitress Ella who made sure I was constantly filled. The rest were drinking the “illusion” which was a mango drink. It was good too.

Ella, our gorgeous Aussie waitress

The best part of the meal was the dessert. Damn. Those date cakes were AMAZING. Warm. Sweet. Drizzled with caramel. And a side of whipped cream. So good. The rest were meh. We ordered like 5 plates of those cakes and I struggled to finish it because it was so good.

Date Cake with Whip cream

Anyway after 4 drinks and an insane amount of food, I went home wanted to hurl everything out. It was terrible…. Talking about food and drinks that day made me sick. I had to issue a rule of no talking about food that night. I know Nameeta wants to have this a weekly tradition. I don’t know girl. I don’t think i can do that. My body might give up on me if i do this again.

Me in pain after the meal

Not to mention i feel sooo fat today. I went to the park to work out and saw this white guy with a kickass body. Like for real. And he wasnt even flexing. URGH. So depress. Adding restrictions to diet now. Jenny knows what I am talking about. 1 cupcake and 1 cookie a week. No ice cream. No whip cream. Only dessert is fruit and yogurt. Will only eat half a serving of food for meals from now on. And at most one fine dining a week. URGH. I am disgusted with myself and my body.

For the great drinks, to die for date cakes for dessert and all for twenty bucks, I am tempted to give this place more stars. Especially if you are amongst great company, which I was. However, I had soooo much that I wanted to hurl, and that was not the best feeling. For that, I give sunburnt cow…

rating starrating starrating star

The Sunburnt Cow
137 Ave C
(Between 8th and 9th St)
(212) 529-0005

Note: The all you can eat and drink dinner is available only on mondays and only for 2 hours.

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