Artisanal Bistro

Another place I decided to check out after watching The Best Thing I ever Ate on the Food Network. It was on the cheesy episode and was picked by Chef Rocco DiSpirito. Firstly, can i say i am dead jealous of this guy. Not only does he have an awesome name, he is good-looking, actually looks fit and is a professional renown chef! I wish I am like him… But then again i wish i look like Ryan Renold too but thats just all a dream.

Talk about dreams! The other day I couldnt wake up on time to get to work because i was stuck in a nightmare! I dreamt I was called back for military duties (omg could this be a premonition?!) and I basically turned up at the army base without all my equipment because I couldnt find ANYTHING except my Military Police brassard. And then i woke up and was like thank god its a dream but then i went back to sleep and the nightmare continued! And that was how i woke up at 10 when my work starts at 10…

So back to Artisanal. Being the timid Asian who cant take strong cheese, i decided to take the safest choice of the 4 cheese blends available. It was the Artisanal blend which is suppose to be the most popular one. It came in a nice pot over a burner and with lots of bread chunks to dip. We ordered addition vegetables, Kielbasa and some steak cubes(which were real good btw). Gianni, my Italian/German friend, ordered us a bottle of wine which has to be one of the best wines I ever had. It was nice and fruity and an easy drink. Loved it! Can’t remember what its called but its something to do with a wine that has been distilled and then mixed with other wines then distilled again. At least that is what Gianni told me. Bottom line: Good wine. My kind of wine. (And yes I realize i have been talking quite a lot about wine… wine is starting to become integral in my life…)

So this “meeting” was interesting. I thought it was suppose to be a group meeting where we talk about our new venture. However, the leader turned up sick and Gianni apparently has not slept for 2 nights working on his other venture with his friends. Not going to lie, I was not prepared at all for any conversation about our project, but when the conversations were totally off topic, i decided to veer it towards the project. Both of them said a few words about the project and then it went into an awkward silence. This happened about three times. So finally i gave up and allowed the wine to take effect. Before you know it, we spend the next 2 hours talking about our lives, places we have travelled to, our favorite foods. Basically everything under the sun, just not the project that we are dealing with.

Ok i just realized I havent talked about the food. The cheese fondue was yuuuumy. A perfect blend that made it creamy and watery yet stretchy and chewy. Omg so good. However, i wished the cheese was a little stronger and more flavorful but oh well, i chose to be safe. Next time i go there, im going to get something stronger. It was real fun dipping into the hot melted cheese and eating it as we talked about our lives. Great activity to do in a small group.

Cheese Fondue

We allowed the left over cheese to burn before we attempted to scrap the bottom and eat it. It was gross… It was basically burnt fat… and it was yummy… too yummy to the point that it was too fatty that i could feel my arteries starting to clot. It was bad… but so good. I took a bite and had to stop.

Burnt Cheese

Dessert came real quick. Both my team mates decided without looking at the menu they wanted creme brulee. Apparently they both love creme brulee. I don’t remember ever having a good creme brulee so i was not expecting much. And then it came and i digged into it and omg… what have i been missing! It was absolutely yummalicious! And the best part was that they said this was not the best they had and was pretty normal. WOOHOO! This marks the beginning of my search for the best Creme Brulee in NYC. So if you got any suggestions to where to find a good creme brulee, drop me an email or a comment and i will head there straight away to indulge myself in yummy sweet goodness… Oh the french. What would we do without them…

Creme Brulee

So that was it. Great cheese fondue. Great creme brulee. Looked exactly like Balthazar. Fine French Food. And i have to learn how to make creme brulee now. Time to buy one of those flame torch(or as Esther calls it(i think its her…) the flamethrower)

I say great fondue. Could be better. Can’t wait to try their other famous dishes so that I can increase their star rating. Great creme brulee but not the best.

Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro
2 Park Ave
E32nd St. between Park Ave & Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016
(212) 725-8585

Note: It is located at the side of the building so technically its on 32nd street and not Park Ave.

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