Bourdain’s Les Halles

There are times when the stars in the universe align and you know that you are at the right place at the right time, that you belong there, in the moment. This was how I felt when I walked into Brasserie Les Halles, the home base of Anthony Bourdain where he is the chef-at-large. This is how I imagined my life would be. A restaurant that I can call home as I travel around the world filming my own television show, writing humor books about my stupid, crazy, ridiculous life. I want to be him…

Things moved really fast in this restaurant. The waitress got us started just slightly after we got seated. Not immediately, but just the right amount of time for us to settle down. Every monday, Les Halles has a 50% wine list. Score! I had no idea when I place a reservation to eat here with my friend, Matthew, who is visiting me for a week and heading off to Harvard for summer school. I asked for a recommendation for a medium bodied wine that was fruity. The bottle was only 23 bucks! 23! Damn. For a french restaurant, that’s pretty awesome.

We were obviously ready to order. I have been doing my research the entire day and was ready to order even before I left my apartment to get there. I ordered the NY sirloin with red wine butter while Matthew ordered their signature Steak Frites. The order didn’t take long to come. The steaks came beautifully. Nice char. A large heap of frites/fries. And a modest salad.

I started with the famous frites. I couldn’t get enough of these frites… they were soooo addictive! I would say they are cooked to perfection. Just the right amount of crispiness and the right amount of tender potatoey goodness. The only thing that I was a little unhappy about is the lack of seasoning on the fries. After a whole lot of salt and some ketchup, I was in heaven.

NY Sirloin with Red Wine Butter

The NY sirloin steak with red wine butter was… yum… I got it done medium. The reason is because usually when i order medium rare, its rare. When i order medium, its medium rare. However, this time, they actually got it right. It was medium. And I wish it was medium rare because my cut would have tasted even better… like phenomenal. Especially with the red wine butter. It was exceptionally tasty. Juicy meat. Lots of flavor. Just the right amount of seasoning. Especially the fatty part of the steak. O M G. That was the orgasmic part.

Matthew gave me a piece of his steak frites and I thought it was alright. He had his medium too which would have tasted better if it was medium rare. For 20 bucks, its pretty good but they obviously didn’t use the best cut, which was why it wasn’t as good as my NY sirloin which cost 8 bucks more. Definitely get the NY Sirloin if you go here.

The red wine that we had was exactly what I was looking for. Great recommendation. Went so well with my steak and fries.

We weren’t planning to get dessert, but I think I had too much to drink, I knew there was no way I could walk with my bike properly. So i decided to order a creme brulee to end my wonderful meal. Beautiful caramelized top. Absolutely full of yummy sweety goodness. Great, great choice.

Creme Brulee

Oh Anthony Bourdain. You made my day. For the discounted wine, a well seasoned steak with the red wine butter, and one of the most tasty fries I ever had in my life, Les Halles gets

rating starrating starrating starrating star

Half a star got deducted for the lack of seasoning on the fries and the average tasting steak for their signature steak frites. And also because I know I am bias since this IS Bourdain’s restaurant. I want to give this place 5 stars… obviously… It’s bourdain… Will definitely be back here.

Brasserie Les Halles (Park Ave)
411 Park Ave South (between 28th and 29th St)
(212) 679-4111

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