Burger Creations

Burger Creations recently opened around my campus. Thought i would give it a shot and compare it with the other burgers around the city. Pretty expensive for a burger. I guess they were going for the gourmet burger price. I believe i paid more than 10 bucks for my burger, drinks and onion rings. Less than 15. The onion rings were good but not fantastic. The burger was alright. Decent. But for that price, i wouldn’t do it again. Would rather walk down to 3 guys and get a burger there. Oily but at least its slightly cheaper.

However if you are really looking for the best burger, look no further. For fast food style, In-N-Out from California is as good as it gets. For gourmet style, Peter Luger. Period. I am open to challenges. Please tell me where you think the best burger is, and i will hunt it down. And dun bother suggesting shake shack…

Burger Creations
52 E 8th St
(between Greene St & University Pl)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 539-1909

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