Butter. One of the most famous restaurants in New York City, thanks to Gossip Girl. Alexandra G, a celebrity chef, is the executive chef of this fine looking restaurant.

Me and Glenn made a reservation for butter at 530. It was the only available time slot. We got there just on time and we were pretty fascinated with the decor. It looked real classy in there but not overboard. It has two levels. We were on the upper one. The lower one was alot cooler.

Glenn with me in Butter

Alright so we obviously went for the restaurant week menu. I order the shrimp bisque, duck confit and rice pudding. Glenn ordered the appetizer platter, the braised beef and the cheese platter. We were deciding whether to order wine. Initially i thought half a bottle should be good for us. However Glenn felt that we could finish one. I was a little hesitant but since he was my guest, I went ahead with his idea and we got a fine bottle of wine to pair with our food. We got the sommelier to pick us a bottle and it turned out to be one of the best red wines i ever had. (which was not good news… you will find out soon…)

Appetizer: My shrimp bisque was interesting. Went it arrived, i could smell the strong shrimp aroma so i was really excited to dig into it. I took my first spoon and to my disappointment, it tasted like vegetable soup! There were so much veges in there that it actually managed to overpower the shrimp taste. Fail. However, it was still good – thats if i had ordered cream of vegetable, which i didn’t. Glenn was happy with his appetizer plate with a bunch of cured meats etc.

Plate of stuff

Main Course – I have such a soft spot for duck. As long as i see duck on the menu, i will always go for it. Looking back now, i might have gone for the ravioli if it wasn’t for the duck. BUT it was good. Real crispy and succulent, the dish was flavorful but not as flavorful as i expected it to be, being a famous restaurant. The apple sauce was a weird addition to the plate and in my book, was trying too hard to put as many elements as possible on the plate. Overall, a fine dish but i believe it could have been better. Glenn’s beef ribs were alright. The vegetable that paired with it made it taste a little Asian which was weird. Wasn’t that excited abt his dish though when I tried a little. He might have a different opinion.

Duck Confit

Desserts – Why did i order rice pudding… i hate rice pudding… again its my soft spot for the stupid word ‘banana’. How can anything with caramelized banana go wrong… well overall it was an alright dessert. Not the best. Kinda boring. But oh well… should have gone for the chocolate stuff… Glenn happily ate through his plate of cheese.

Cheese Platter

Overall it was a good meal. Not mindblowing. Not the best. But decent. With good wine pairing and company, Butter can be an enjoyable place to eat at. I wouldn’t say it is one of the finest restaurants in the city based of this meal, but then again its a restaurant week menu so its hard to judge. I don’t think i was disappointed with any dish or hated any of them. They were good. Just not amazing. Its funny because these are the exact comments people told me before i went to butter, and it turned out to be true. So don’t expect to be WOWed in butter.

By the time we finished our dessert and wine, it was 830. I couldn’t believe we spent 3 hours in that restaurant. Time flew by so fast. Probably because i was downing glass after glass after glass of wine. Which was a totally bad idea. I started to get happy and started to talk louder and louder and louder. I kept talking and talking and talking. By the time we finished, i had to make myself walk straight so that i could get back to my dorm… However, it was one good meal.. i was so full, i cancelled my night plans to rest and just chill. It was a good day, and is the start of my realization that wine is going to be an important part of my life.

Great decor. Alright soup. Great entrees. Not that great dessert.

Butter Restaurant
415 Lafayette St
(between 4th St & Astor Pl)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 253-2828

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