I told Thuy we should go out and try something around our area. After all, we do live around the village and there are a lot of awesome places we have yet to try. So she did some research and she decided that she wanted to try one of those japanese bakery.

Thanks to yelp, we found Cafe Zaiya which is actually really near our campus. So how was it? We had the green tea cake, chocolate cake, and a green tea steamed cake.

That’s Thuy!

The green tea stuff were both good. It’s green tea and red bean! Hard to go wrong. The green tea cake had a crumbly texture which may seem dry at first, but it grows on you, and gets better as you eat your way through the cake.

The chocolate cake was alright. Light. Not overwhelming. Meh.

Chocolate Cake

Overall, a pretty good experience. Not a place i will constantly bring up, but i guess its a good place to grab a snack if you are around the village area.

Cafe Zaiya
69 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10008
(212) 253-9700

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