Great NY Noodle Town

How much do I love this place? So much that this is actually the second time Im writing about this place on my blog. I mean come on. The Great NY Noodle Town. How sketch can a name get. Or in my singaporean/british lingo, how dodgy can this get?(the last time i heard the word “dodgy” was on Love Actually!)It sounds like one of those crappy suburban chinese place, next to “Panda express”. It sounds so sketch, maybe just calling it “Chinese food” might be a better choice. Personally i hate it because i keep referring it as the noodle house. (I had to backspace and delete my typing at least 5 times as i write this review)

But anyhow, despite its funky name, it has by far the best Chinese chinese food you can get in New York. This is not a typo. I mention Chinese twice because i have learnt to seperate Chinese Chinese from American chinese. To me, they are two different things and deserve to be rated differently. On one side, we have the general tsao and beef and brocolli, the other the real stuff you get from Asia. In the case of Noodlehouse (damn it i mean noodletown), its Hong Kong food.

This time I head there with my friends from Singapore. We were actually planning to go to Joe Shanghai. Unfortunately there was an hour wait which was RIDICULOUS so we walked like 2 blocks to noodletown where we got seated almost immediately. Mind you. It is not that their food is not as good as Joe Shanghai. Personally i will choose noodletown over joe shanghai anytime.

Perhaps my friends from Singapore are going psh.. whats the big deal… But for those of you looking for legit hong kong food in New York or just want to try for yourself what real chinese food taste like, you have to come here. With the help from my canto friend, we got a plate of roasted meat that was not on the menu. We had the roasted pork, charsiew(roasted pork but in sweet sauce), and the roasted duck. O M G. I cannot remember when was the last time i felt like this. Yes it was filled with fat and grease and sodium, but it was sooooooooo gooooood. Especially the duck. I took the end of the drumstick and stick into my mouth and begin to gnaw on it. All the duck fat oozed into my mouth… so rich… so yummy… cannot remember when was the last time i had a duck this great.

And we had the sliced fish porridge, which i have to admit is one of the best congee I ever had in my life. Even compared to the ones in Singapore. The only thing we were lacking is a good you tiao or the chinese donut fritters as we call it here. They had it but it was cold and thick and not as great as the ones in Singapore. So because of that, still prefer the ones from crystal jade. Did i mention i am a big crystal jade fan? There are only a few places that are mainstream that i actually think are legit good. One of them is crystal jade, the other is cheesecake factory which i might get to in the future.

Lastly we had the shrimp dumpling noodles. Dumpling tasted a little iffy and weird, but the noodles were perfectly cooked, hong kong style. Absolutely terrific.

So how much do i like this place? I love it as much as my friend Suet Yi, who was lost for words as she ate her congee and the roast meats. I swear she was almost in tears, reflecting upon how sad her life in Northwestern is compared to mine in Manhattan. Oh Suet… Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to be living in New York City. 😀

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