Jean Georges’ Nougatine

Today is one of those days that despite not getting anything done, its a good day. It really was a good day. I went into my professor’s office in the Mcgraw Hill Building to pitch/defend our venture idea and it went SURPRISINGLY well. The 3 of us just talked about our idea and why we believe its a great idea and at the end of it, they surprisingly agreed and want us to get on it ASAP. We were like wow… are you not going to shoot us down AT ALL?! We were sooo ready for the fire but nothing came…

So we left the meeting. Class was cancelled so we thought why not lets go get some lunch at Jean George! Whoot I have been dying to check this place out so I was really excited and really hungry. ITS A 3 MICHELLIN STAR RESTAURANT! Don’t play play man! Ok thats a little singaporean slang coming out here… It just means this is no joke. Its legit.

We were quick to order too since i was starving.

Appetizer: Julia and Gianni both got the tuna tartare. Beautifully presented and great flavor. Wasn’t too strong. The ginger gave it an interesting taste overall. Im not a big fan of tuna so i chose to go with the shrimp salad with champagne vinegar dressing. Can i just say i have never tasted a salad that tasted so heavenly in my life before. And the shrimp. Omg. it was covered with this white sauce which was truly an experience. The succulent shrimp paired with the light salad and avocado. Oh God. Food Orgasm number 1.

JG Nougatine: Shrimp Salad

Main Course: Julia got the Red Snapper(or was it a cod… i know its a fish) and the guys  (me and Gianni) got the beef tenderloin with miso butter and roast brussel sprouts. On the first bite, i was kinda disappointed. Firstly my meat was slightly to the medium welldone and i order medium. Secondly, MAN IT WAS SALTY. Like real salty. I looked over to Gianni and told him i was a little disappointed. Then i decided to put a little of that mash potato look alike thing on my tenderloin and cut another piece to put into my mouth, and then omg. What the hell is this?! THIS IS AMAZING! Apparently that mash potato thingy is a miso butter and it went perfectly with the tenderloin. Thinking about it now is making me want to have one right now… omg… I have to say, that was the best beef experience i ever had. The combination of flavors. It really brought the best of everything out and the party in the mouth is just indescribable. Food Orgasm number 2. Multiple Orgasms! Tried a small piece of Julia’s snapper. It was good. Tasted asiany and yummy!

Beef Tenderloin with Miso Butter

Dessert: Can i just say that for once during restaurant week, both desserts were amazing! The warm chocolate cake was perfect. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, and the vanilla ice cream had to be the best vanilla ice cream i ever tasted. Perfect. The creme caramel which is pretty much a flan with a puff pastry stick was real good too. I only took a spoon but i wished i had taken more. It was really yummy. I have to say the dessert wasn’t mind blowing but it was good. real good in fact.

JG Nougatine: Warm Chocolate Cake

And of course the wine pairing of the day is a Riesling. A good bottle. Easy drink. Not too sweet. Taste great. Kinda like a champagne to be honest. And again the 3 of us finished the bottle and had a great conversation over lunch. So instead of listening to boring ford presentations in org comm, we had a good prix fix meal of 26 a person (excluding wine/tip/tax) and talked about our crazy travels and our love for life and food.

And then i went home planning to catch up on all my work, only to take a 3 hour nap at the time that im suppose to be at my entrepreneurship class and waking up with a smile on my face, because i just took a nap in the afternoon. and also had a dream about the future when my family decides to come to new york for a surprise visit, and my niece is all grown up. It was a happy dream. A real happy dream for a real good day. This is what good food and wine does. What a good life i live.

Probably the best prix fixe meal in the city. Absolutely an experience. Jean George is brilliant. Amen.

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

1 Central Park W
New York, NY 10023
(212) 299-3900

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