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Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes. Oh how many times have i got into arguments and severed ties with friends because of the question “where can you get the best cupcakes in New York City?” As most of you know, my favorite cupcake place used to be tonnie’s mini cupcakes for having the best red velvet cupcake, the best strawberry cupcake at the best price. Then they decided that they didn’t need my business at washington square park anymore so they moved to harlem. Such disappointment when i called them to verify the validity of the “closed” tag i saw on their store when i yelped them. I remembered screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” in the phone and the rest was a blur because i think i drank myself to sleep that night.

I realized i actually haven’t written a review of tonnies but oh well you know i like/hate them. And i won’t even bother writing a review of the chain Crumbs just because its the most expensive and horrible tasting cupcake you will ever find. I murr at anyone who buys a crumps cupcake and I cannot be friends with anyone who actually likes crumps cupcakes. Absolutely cannot be friends. Not that we will be enemies but i just know we will never make it. Liking crumbs is like telling me you like cockroaches which is wrong on so many levels. Just like liking crumbs.

Ok i should really get back to what this post is really all about. Magnolia Bakery. Yes probably NYC most popular cupcake place. Known globally, tourists flock here every year to get a bite of this expensive pretty looking bakery. I remember the first time i had them, i was like wow… and then i remember the first time i had tonnies and i was like OMG magnolia is crap! So yes ever since then, i have been telling people to ditch magnolia and try the other cupcake places because magnolia really isnt that great. It really isnt!

And then my friend Justine(the most auntie singaporean at NYU and also my president of the singapore association at NYU) told me that she looooves the red velvet at magnolia. I could not understand why because i remembered we had the red velvet cake from magnolia and it was not good. not good at all. but she insisted that the cupcake was amazing and better than tonnies. That angered me because Tonnie has the best red velvet cupcake. Hands down. So i took the challenge. I take any challenge about food. So if you think you know somewhere that has a better product that what i say is the best, challenge me and i will tell you what i think.

Took the train up to rockefeller and tried the red velvet. Bought the haiti one too because i wanted to do my part for haiti. 😀 Ok so i tried it… and to my surprise… the frosting was not at all what i expected. I thought it was going to be the usual magnolia packed with sugar way too sweet frosting, but it wasn’t… the cream cheese frosting was creamy with a little sugar. In fact it was hardly sweet. It was just creamy and yummy and went well with the cake. It was good. Surprisingly good. But to be honest, the cake fails. No where close to tonnies. Now i wished i could mix the frosting of tonnies and magnolia to even the sweetness and put it on a tonnies red velvet cake. That would be the PERFECT red velvet cupcake. So i guess Justine was right to a certain extent. It was good but meh not as good as tonnies.

Moving on. Classics are safe and good i guess. Don’t try the fancy ones from magnolia. Usually way too sweet and disgusting. The carrot cupcake is surprisingly good. I actually think thats the best carrot cupcake i ever had. Good moist cake with the same creamy non sweet frosting on the red velvet. Great combination. Perfect in texture and sweetness. Loved every bite of it.

And finally, the best thing at Magnolia Bakery. THE BANANA PUDDING! This is what i always get when i go to magnolia. In fact when i bring people to magnolia, i always rave about the banana pudding, and never once has it disappoint. I can still remember all the faces that brighten after they put the first spoon of pudding into their mouth, and they do “what is this?! this is amazing!” and i will go “i know. :D” so if you havent had it yet, OMG stop eating those alright cupcakes and get the banana pudding! They are like freaking awesome. Seriously.

So this is the end of my magnolia bakery review. The cheesecakes look cute but not one ever gets them. I guess i wont talk bad about magnolia much now. Wont condemn people who go there. Just dont tell me you like their fancy cupcakes with fillings. Those are terrible… Tell me you like their classics and maybe i wont judge you. Maybe. Probably. Hmmm just try tonnies and then come back to me with your challenge. 😀

Good Red velvet. Decent vanilla vanilla cupcake. Most amazing banana pudding.

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Magnolia Bakery (Several locations)
1240 Avenue of the Americas
(Between 49th and 50th St)
(212) 767-1123

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