Chinese Food at Suzie’s

Of all time to fall sick, i have to fall sick the week after thanksgiving. It must have been my staying up all night playing “logic” games at the train station followed by a full day of black friday shopping, bringing me from 34th Street Herald Square to Mott Street China Town, before walking back to my friend’s apartment at 14th Street Union Square. Hmmm thinking about it now… I think i kinda did over exert myself.. especially when i was dressed thinly on that cold windy day…

ANYWAY, on a lighter note, I got my sense of taste back today! After eating a boring box of deli food for dinner yesterday when i couldn’t tell the difference between chicken or pork, I really wanted to get well. And today after my horrendous conwest class which i remained quiet the whole time since I havent finish reading Moby Dick (OMG THAT BOOK IS SO DAMN LONG!!!), i walked over to suzie’z restaurant which is this chinese place near NYU to get some rice.

According to my mum, when we don’t eat white rice, we fall sick. That could also have been the reason why i was sick since i don’t remember when was the last time i actually had white jasmine rice. It didn’t take me long to choose my order. After all, all chinese places had the same thing. If it isnt general tsao, its beef and brocolli (which i love btw…). But i saw eggplant, and i knew i had to get that. Chicken with spicy eggplant to be exact with white rice. Probably one of the fastest take out places i know. I don’t know how they did it, but before i could even sit down and take a breather, they came out with my food packed in a paper bag. I might be exaggerating but they are fast. I was going to say like how chinese people are, but we really aren’t.

How was the food? It was good. To be honest, Suzie’s has never really disappointed me. I mean their food is not AMAZING. It’s alright chinese food, that will satisfy your craving. Stay away from the noodles though. Especially the soup ones… they are bad…. but everything else looks pretty good and its a pretty decent restaurant to have a gathering in with pretty reasonable prices. NYU kids should definitely give it a try. Lunch specials are 6-7.50 i think. Not too bad, considering you get ALOT of food. Alot more satisfying than the foot long sub, which i have grown to HATE this semester. Even thinking about it makes me sick. Yucks…. Im going to get myself some OJ. The OJ my room mates decide to drink without asking for my permission. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

Suzie’s Restaurant
163 Bleecker St
(between Thompson St & Sullivan St)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 777-1395

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