Clinton’s Pancakes

Pancakes, oh pancakes. What a simple breakfast dish, with a spectrum of glorious goodness. So many ways of doing it, from out of the box to gourmet restaurant. So the question is: are you willing to fork out 15 bucks for pancakes at a restaurant, or are you satisfied with the 4 bucks mixed that makes a few dozen of pancakes?

I can understand the dilemma. After all, its just pancakes. Simple round flat fluffy cakes. How good can it get? That was probably what Jenny was thinking when I asked her to join me at Clinton Street Baking and Company for their famous blueberry pancakes for breakfast. She declined, claiming she is on a diet. But i know deep down, she is skeptical about pancakes being spectacular enough to have a $15 price tag. If I had asked her to a cupcake store with me for breakfast, she would have said yes in a heartbeat. Some diet she got there.

Anyway, I know from experience that pancakes can be pretty darn amazing. I used to think Mickey D’s had the best pancakes. I was foolish. And then I had pancakes at Tom Douglas’ restaurant, Lola, in Seattle. And that pancakes blew my mind. I could not believe my taste buds. They were slightly gooey but in a good way that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Every bite gave me a food orgasm. Every single bite. That was one amazing pancake. I could not stop thinking about it for a week after having that. I just wanted to stuff my face in those pancakes. I wanted to make a bed out of it and sleep on it, waking up to bite into those yummy delicious pancakes immediately for breakfast. I realize this is getting a little awkward but that was how good it was.

So when people were buzzing about how amazing the blueberry pancakes at Clinton Street were, I knew I had to try it. Sure, its expensive. But if it could give me the same experience Tom Douglas gave me, thats cheaper than hiring a hooker. A friend of mine, Glenn, just got back from Minnesota so I decided to have breakfast there with him to catch up. The last time I saw him was Chinese New year, and since then he has been to John Hopkins in Baltimore, another hospital in cleveland and Mayo clinic in Minnesota for medical attachments. Im sure he had some interesting stories to tell. Like those we see on House, or even better, hospital drama like Grey’s! I wanted to launch into questions about doctors hooking up with nurses and whether any guy brought a gun into the hospital and went on a mass frenzy shooting. But i managed to restrain myself.

The pancakes came and they looked glorious. I couldn’t wait to dive into it. I drizzle some of the butter maple syrup on top on the stack of pancakes and cut the stack and stuff it into my mouth. O M G. They were absolutely delicious. Food orgasmic delicious? Not quite there yet. Almost. Its reaching there. But they were still amazing. Great flavor. Texture was perfect. My only problem was the butter maple syrup. At first i thought it was a brilliant idea. Reducing maple and butter together to form a yummy concoction. But it tasted more like butterscotch to me. Like melted werther’s candy. It lost its maple flavor which didn’t quite agree with me. I would say this is slightly better than the ricotta blueberry pancakes I had at Locanda Verde. Slightly. Is it worth the money? It sure is. Probably one of the best breakfast I have had in New York so far.

The buttermilk biscuit. I don’t know about that one. Mine was rather dry and tasteless. Not buttery at all. I had to slap a tonne of butter and jam on it to give it flavor. Don’t see why that is one of their signature item.

I will be back. After all, I live one block away from this restaurant. I can’t wait to try the french toast with caramelized bananas and walnuts. Those look amazing. I was drooling looking at it while waiting for my table. Shall wait for Titi to get back. Then we can all go together for a good time.

Without a doubt, Clinton deserves

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Clinton St. Baking Company
4 Clinton Street
(Between Ave B & Houston St)
New York, NY 10002
(646) 602-6263

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