Best Burger in the World?

Who has the best burger in the world? This question has been fought over by the people from the west coast and the east coast for a loooong time. Like how we have the rivalry between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots(hope i got that right), this burger rivalry is between California’ In-N-Out and New York’s Shake Shack.

After hearing people argue again and again about this two burgers, especially with the patriotic Cali people who insist In-N-Out is the best and are always raving about it, I had to try it. So over the summer, I did try it. And the winner was obvious. It was In-N-Out. O M G. Best Burger in the world. Fast food wise. Best Gourmet burger goes to Peter Luger, but for fast food, it has to be In-N-Out.

However, there is an exception. This is comparing In-N-Out animal style burger to Shake Shack’s Shack Burger. On the menu of Shake Shack lies this burger that is mind-blowing and brings burgers to a whole new league. That’s the Shack Stack.

I don’t want to compare In-N-Out’s burger to the Shack Stack because it would be unfair. A Shack Stack is basically combining the Shack Burger and the Shroom burger. The shroom burger is a mushroom stuffed with cheese coated with bread crumbed and then deep fried. A beef patty and that in a burger and you got yourself the most yummulicious burger you will ever have in your life, especially if you love mushroom and cheese.

Yes it is probably worth more than a thousand calories, but screw that. It is an experience. I don’t know how Shake Shack does it, but this burger is the holy grail of fast food. It puts all other fast food to shame, especially all those in Singapore which i grew up eating. Yucks. But thanks to Shake Shack, my faith in fast food has been restored.

You have to try it for yourself. You have to attempt to squeeze that thick burger into your mouth and allow your teeth to sink into the juicy patty as the cheese from the shroom patty oozes out and create a party in your mouth. My mouth is watering so bad now. A friend was telling me how great I am at fanning the flames. Did I mention i live 3 blocks away from a Shake Shack? 😛

Basically, you have to try it. Pair it with some overpriced custard and you have a complete meal that will bring you to the state of food orgasm. Don’t be surprise if you find yourself sitting there for some time, just reflecting on how your life has become so much better just because of this burger. Kudos Shake Shack. Kudos to your Shack Stack.

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