Smith & Wollensky

Apparently Smith and Wollensky is suppose to be real popular. It was mentioned in the devil wears prada for being THE place for steaks. To be honest, I wasn’t really that excited about going there for restaurant week just because there were many other famous restaurants with michelin stars worth checking out. But it was a stern event and they were going to pay for more than half the meal so i was like hell yeah! Lets do it! So together with 50 other stern kids, we left tisch hall and took the subway to Smith and Wollensky.

We all got into the subway and obvious we became a nuisance since we were loud and obnoxious. It didn’t help that Justin Silver was cheering “NYU STERN! YEAH!!!”. I shook my head at that. And then at 42nd street, Lisa Zhang decides to tell everyone to get off the train when the stop we are suppose to get off is something at the 50s. In the state of confusion, there was shouting and screaming but thank god we managed to get everyone back into the train. I tried to salvage problem by saying “What is wrong with you Wharton kids?!” somewhat loudly. However, again Justin Silver didn’t help the situation by shouting again at the top of his lungs “NYU STERN GET OFF NEXT STOP!” I rest my case.

So anyway we all got there. No one got left behind like how li shen left celina behind at one of the cohort events. So obviously we werent seated straight away so the 50 of us stood around and crowded the restaurant. Being the last few to walk in, my first impression of the restaurant was… is this a chinese restaurant??? But that could be due to the crazy number of Asian standing around which comes from the stern population and it was really noisy too which is typical of all chinese restaurants. It didn’t help that most of the waiters were Asians too. In fact i think one of them is Singaporean/Malaysian but I can’t confirm.

We waited around for about 15 minutes obstructing the flow of traffic in the restaurant. Finally, we got our tables and we got our orders pretty quick. What was more fascinating was how fast they served the dishes.

For appetizer, we got the fried calamaris. Bad choice in that they gave a huge plate of it. Being mostly Asians, we thought it was too much. Nothing fantastic about the calamaris too… but then again its a steakhouse, why would i expect great calamari here…

For the main course, most people got the filet mignon. I got the surf n turf which is an addition lobster tail. I havent had lobster for a looong time so i thought i will give it a try. So… how did the steak fair? So together with my good friend David Jiang who happens to be real critical with his food as well, we cut into our steak and took a bite. Mine was medium while his was the traditional medium rare.

Filet Mignon

First impression. Cooked almost perfectly to my liking. Well charred on the outside and nice pinkness on the inside. And then the taste factor came in. Not exactly the most tender of steak I have tried. Was not chewy but had the solid feel. Not enough salt. In fact I don’t think they even seasoned it before putting it on the grill. Not too happy about that fact but that could be how they do it.

Steak verdict: Meh. Normal. Nothing fantastic. Perhaps its because we mass ordered it so they mass prepared it.

The lobster tail was good. A lil overcooked for mine but i enjoyed it.

Dessert: I got the apple betty while David got the pecan pie. I was going to get the pecan pie but he called it first. The apple betty had a nice presentation but it wasn’t hot which was rather disappointing. It was an alright apple dessert. This continues my misfortune with dessert during restaurant week. The pecan pie was gooood. I gotta admit its too sweet which is why most people on the table being Asians couldnt take it. I finished up David Jiang’s pecan pie and was happy. Real happy. So happy that i think that i have just added another dish to master this year. I shall attempt to make the most awesome pecan pie this year. nodnodnod. Oh and the chocolate cake was real good too. Might want to consider that.

Bourbon Pecan Pie

It was a good meal overall, primarily because of the company and my glass for cabernet savignon. Smith & Wollensky might be iconic, but i dont think i will be back there anytime soon. Especially when Peter Luger is THE steakhouse to go to.

PS I am writing this entry in my room at 2am. The light from the monitor and my loud typing noise is preventing my room mate from sleeping since he is a light sleeper. On top of that, he is recovering from his sickness. He is constantly tossing around the bed and sniffing. Do i feel bad? NOT AT ALL. After one semester of his nonsense and coldness, i have lost all care and concern for a human being that cares for no one but himself. So instead of the usual guilt i will feel for preventing someone from sleeping, im giggling. hehehe.

Decent steaks. Nice service. I give them

Smith & Wollensky
201 E 49th St
(Between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
(212) 753-1530

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