Sweet Revenge Cupcakes

A friend of mine, Celina, invited a bunch of us to have dinner with her to celebrate her birthday. We met at Suzie’s (probably my favorite American Chinese food place in New York) and then walked over to Sweet Revenge for cupcakes. I have never heard of Sweet Revenge, but the name sounded too interesting to not give it a try.

Anyway Sweet Revenge. I absolutely love the place. And by place i mean the venue. It was a bar/cupcake place. Absolutely brilliant. It looked like a great place to get some wine and dessert after a meal. Ambiance is great for a date. Would definitely bring my date here for post dinner conversation. Not a bad selection of wine but im no expert in wine so i shouldnt be commenting on this. Cocktails are also available. The kitchen is also open concept which is pretty awesome! I love it when you can see the chef in action making the very thing you put into your mouth.

The cupcakes were packaged interestingly. They were baked in molded parchment paper and they fit perfectly into these plastic cups that they sell them in when doing take out. Quite a good selection of flavors too. There was the classic plain vanilla, double chocolate, and then they had interesting flavors like the famous red velvet called something cream and a peanut butter one called sweet revenge.

I was going to try the sweet revenge but i have been eating spoons of peanut butter the last 3 weeks so i thought i should give that a break. So it was me and Jenny deciding what to eat. She decided to go with the Fleur De Sel while i went for the Malaysian Coconut. Oh and i forgot to mention that we actually had to wait for a good 15 minutes before someone decided to serve us. The place was packed and was basically run by one waitress and she made us wait for that long at the counter even though we were just grabbing a quick takeout. However i have to say they have good service, just not prompt and efficient.

So how was it? Honestly, i hated it. This is why when i started the post by saying i love the place, i had to clarify that i love the venue. The cupcakes in my opinion were almost close to the catastrophe you find in every Crumb’s cupcake. (I do believe this is the part my friend Elspeth will cringe and try to defend Crumbs, citing her “we all have different taste i guess”. No Elspeth. Crumbs is bad. Period.) These cupcakes have cute “mohawk” frosting on them to differentiate them. They looked pleasing to the eyes too. However they were too much as a whole. Jenny’s Fleur De Sel was basically bad chocolate cake with lots of caramel in the middle topped with super sweet caramel frosting. It was a sugar overload. She had a tummy ache after finishing it, something i was not surprised to find out.

I chose coconut because i love coconut and apparently this cupcake was not a usual and they only do it occasionally. It reminded me of something back in singapore but i cant pin point what it is. This cupcake was slightly better than Jenny’s in the sense that the coconut frosting had an interesting flavor and it was not as sweet as Jenny’s one. However, my cake was dry and boring. I can’t remember whether Crumbs one was even this dry.

Of course this is my personal preference. The cake is a very important part of a cupcake to me. Most people look at the frosting. In fact many bakeries focus on frosting and don’t bother about their cake. Sweet Revenge is such a place. I won’t deny that their frosting is good. I enjoyed my coconut frosting. A little too sweet for me but people love sweet. However, the cake plays a very important role for me because it is the one that neutralizes the sweetness and brings the flavor together in your mouth. Sweet Revenge failed in this aspect. I found myself eating the frosting and attempting to dig for the dry crumbly cake to mix them in my mouth. They were expensive too. $3.50 i believe. Could be more.

I didn’t really get to try the red velvet one which the rest of the party bought and finished before we even got ours since we had to wait so long to be served. However, i honestly don’t think it can get any better. Maybe it might be better. I guess i will have to try it some time. However, as a whole, I do believe Sweet Revenge is an awesome place for a post dinner place to hang out for 2 in the west village. Or just to catch up. Great ambiance. Alcohol with sweets. They have some interesting looking savory stuff too but i didn’t get to try any. I don’t think i would go all the way there just to get cupcakes… but definitely for a date.

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