Batali’s Otto

When I think Italian, there is one name that can’t disappoint. Mario Batali. This man with his uggs is pure brilliant. I love his restaurant Lupa. Everything I have had there is just simple yet full of flavor. Pure brilliant.

Otto is his supposed famous pizza restaurant. So when I wanted to meet a food blogger up to talk some business, I thought why not Otto since its near campus and I havent tried it yet. So we met up and ordered 2 pizzas, a pasta and 2 desserts.

I have to say I wasn’t exactly that impressed with Otto. I mean it was good. But not blown away good. Was of a lower standard than Lupa. The pizzas were great and all but I have had better. The desserts werent that fantastic too. I mean we didn’t finish it. What does that say?

However it was still a nice place. The restaurant is big and spacious with a great ambience. Waiters were nice. A little slow if i remember correctly. I believe the standard here has probably dropped, because i remember people raving about it last year but it really didn’t deserve that much good comments.

Great combination of flavors on a pizza but not mind-blowing. Sundaes that are a little too heavy and not sophisticated enough. Sadly, I have to give a mediocre

rating starrating starrating star

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria
1 5th Ave
(Between 8th St and Washington Mews)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 995-9559

Next stop: Babbo. Batali’s signature high end restaurant. The best of the 3. I can’t wait to be blown away.

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