Brunch at Paprika

You would think an Italian restaurant with such a simple and pretty name would serve amazing food. I guess not all the time. Jenny reviewed the dinner here and it looked pretty good, and I thought let’s give the brunch a try. After all, it’s 12 bucks a person, with a drink included. Sounds like a good deal.

Got a few friends from Singapore in town. Thought would use this opportunity to try out this supposedly pretty good place.

I got myself a mimosa and the scrambled green eggs, polenta and salsa cruda. Jenny told me it looked good, and that the apple pancakes sucks. So we stayed clear of that and I decided to try the green eggs. Something unique.

My Dish: Green Eggs, Polenta and Salsa

Let’s start by saying that I don’t like polenta. I think it has a weird texture… not surprising its suppose to be poor people food. But oh well, I thought maybe the polenta I have had before was badly done and this might be better. It turned out it was better. And I might not actually hate polenta. But it is still boring as well. And this polenta was rather salty. The green scrambled eggs were eggs… honestly nothing special. What is this green thing? Is it pesto? Because it did not add any flavor to the eggs. It could have been normal scrambled eggs and it would have tasted the same. At least it was scrambled well. The salsa. Not amazing at all. Not well seasoned. I have to say I prefer chipotle’s fresh salsa compared to this dish. According to Jenny, I don’t describe my dishes in detail. To be honest, this dish does not deserve to be described in detail. Its basically a block of salty polenta, scrambled eggs and topped with a whole lot of fresh salsa. Imagine the most generic flavors. That’s what you get here.

Overall, my experience here is meh. It’s nothing special. I could have made the same thing in my kitchen. I am not too sure how the flavors come together with the polenta, but it was presented nicely and I was really full at the end of the meal. For 12 bucks, a pretty good deal. At least I got full. And had a drink to start my day. My friend’s omelette was alright. Nothing special again. The potatoes were not too bad too. But again, nothing special.

So stars time. Top Chef Master style. For the well done scrambled eggs and the cheap and filling brunch, Paprika brunch gets…

Time to update the rest of my reviews.

110 St Marks Place
(Between 1st Ave and Ave A)
(212) 677-6563

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